Victicrat: PJTV

by the Left Coast Rebel

This is honestly the best political videos that I have seen on the net.....I simply love it. I love the hero of the show here, the Uncle Tom that liberals love to call black Americans that dare to reject the liberal dogma that permeates every square inch of our culture. The ethos that poisons. The 'you can't get anywhere without me, Big Brother rap'.

And all I gotta say to you wannabee gonnabee liberal votin' victicrat whiners is that I'm a self made man with no help from Uncle Sam........

We're going socialist now, damn it feels good to be a victim.....

My hat is tipped to Cliff over at Another Black Conservative for finding this video, he writes this -

Rather than dismissing Tea Party protesters as mere racists opposed to Obama, blacks should look at the movement as a model for effecting their own change. I say this because the current so called black leadership has severely let down blacks time and time again. Racial hucksters like Sharpton and Jackson to sham pro black organizations like the NAACP are all about maintaining the
victim mentality and pushing the liberal agenda. They are not about really improving the black community.

Read the rest at his site.....

Question for readers: Anyone notice the 'pimp' in the video? Anyone notice who he was?

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