Schwarzenegger's Four Letter 'F' Bomb Veto

by the Left Coast Rebel
A stupid fluff-story, I found it funny nonetheless. Check the picture above. Scan spacing, wording.....see anything unusual? Don't see it yet?
Try this: take the first letter of each sentence in the Governator's veto starting from his open. Now add them up. Coincidence? You tell me.
What a shame, if only the Governator displayed such hubris in the fight to save California's soul and future. Simply too busy playing politics and currying favor on the leftward side, Californian bagholders of Sacramento-shenanigans left to pick up the pieces while he retires into peace and comfort.......
A classic tale of 'R' vs. 'D', 'R' > 'D' in terms of 'L'. Of Bengal Tigers.....Recall his wife too. Right? Can one be married to a Kennedy and governor even remotely sensibly and/or center-right? You tell me.
Moonbattery also has the history behind the veto and angst.....
UPDATE: CNN weighs in on this. Apparently the Governor's office is claiming that it is a 'mere coincidence' and that there was no ilntent. From the article:
CNN) - Was Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's message to state
lawmakers unhappy - or obscene?

That's the current debate in California after the governor
sent a letter directed to "Members of the California State Assembly" that
appeared to have a subtle but pointed message hidden within the text.

The seven-line note in which the California Republican
blasts the legislature for not advancing his administration's proposals on a
host of issues appears innocuous enough at first glance.

But upon closer examination, the first letter of every line
collectively spells 'f**k you'.

A spokesman for Schwarzenegger said the governor had no
intent of hiding the message within his note, calling it a mere

Coincidence? If so I have a bridge to sell you in......well, pick a spot.


  1. Nicely done, and linked at Effing Conservatives.

  2. ..thanks for the h/t. This must be an "inside job". I mean it is FAR TOO CRYPTIC to decipher unless you're military intelligence and/or worked at Bletchley Park during WWII. The tradecraft is too good.

    I'm thinking Ah-nold wrote/formatted the letter and then had one of his moles leak the significance of the word juxtaposition to the dolts in the state assembly.

    It is too delicious for, well, words.

  3. @ Smitty - Thanks for the link and yes, amazingly it is real. It could mirror as an Onion-ism too, a pretty good one at that.

    @ Boncka - No problem, I agree; I don't think the nimrods in Sac-town would have ever seen this without a leak.

    @ Hack - Thanks!


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