Obama Thesis; The Hoax That Unfortunately Isn't

by the Left Coast Rebel

As I noted yesterday, the Obama thesis story that uncovered his communistic redistributive leanings was satire and a hoax. I wasn't the only one that fell for it. Limbaugh did. Denis Keohane at American Thinker did. As well as Michael Ledeen at Pajamas Media.

Keohane wrote this yesterday -

CORRECTION: In a blog post today I wrote about a report on a thesis that President Obama produced while at Columbia and provided a quote from that about the Constitution. My source for that was
Michael Ledeen at PJM. Since then I have not been able to verify the claim at any source other than Ledeen and one obscure blog that was Mr. Ledeen's source.I now believe the story is totally false and Mr. Ledeen has also just recently stated that he will pull the story. I regret that I jumped the gun and did not verify this as fully as is is now evident I should have

American Thinker backtracked and corrected the story within 1:45 of the error. As did PJM.

The key here is that we all retracted the story instantly. We didn't sit on our hands and let the story worm it's way through the net knowing that the viral-disruption was based on inaccurate information. Although tempting to watch the 'damage be done' on a story like this, we all stuck to our ethics and integrity and called out the hoax.

How long did it take the press to do that with the inaccurate Limbaugh/racist/slavery quotes? Days, weeks, months, you get the idea. MSNBC to my knowledge never retracted.

In other words, they all sat on it, gleefully watching the damage be done.

So I guess the gist of what I am saying is my bad as well as my comrades, at least we have the integrity to pull something inaccurate, BFD, and it's no wonder that it seemed authentic because although not verbatim of the bogus thesis, we have this from last year, h/t Atlas Shrugs -

See what I mean?

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  1. Integrity and conscience are great attributes. It seems that some on the Left are lacking these qualities.
    Congratulations to you and the others who quickly corrected the errors.

  2. There are good people in the world, thank your wife for me, for making your blog! Your blog is my first successful manual HTML link...it took a few tries, but I got it. By the way I am not doing this cut and paste style, I am forcing myself to learn the code from the ground up. No pre-made templates for me, could catch a virus that way anywho.

    I know this is elementary for most, but it finally worked. There is so much wrong information out there...and I finally found the directions that worked.

    Just wait, in a few months I may look like a I know what I am doing here. Thanks for your help and your voice for liberty!

    Let Freedom Ring

  3. Way to go, LCR! If there's interest in how badly I screwed up and all but caused this brouhaha, some behind the scenes detail:


    And truly sorry for having led any and all into error by my failure to adequately substantiate!

  4. @ TCL - It's not the error that is wrong, it's how one responds to it, right? Thanks for the kind words.

    @ Unclogged - Thanks for the complimets and your new readership, like I said, just tell me if you need annything....

    @ Keohane - Nice to see you here, water under the bridge my friend. I have a quick question for you - how do you get published so much on American Thinker? What is the process? Hope to see you here at my site again...

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  6. Hello LCR,

    I've had things published at AT, sometimes over very long intervals, but have probably had more submittals rejected that published over the years. Thomas Lifson has done most of the editing, and he is professional and strict, and I know there have been times when I've tried his patience and wasted his time. However, like the best of editors he offers feedback when he can on how to make better articles.

    Go to the 'contacts' link on the AT main page. That gives clear instructions on submitting articles or blog comments via e-mail. That's all I've ever done.

  7. At least the error has been admitted and the story recanted. Unlike what some people think of our current president, we're only human and mistakes will be made.

    What I find rather telling about this hoax was that it was believeable. The satire wasn't immediately evident, which shows just how frightening this administration really is.

  8. Obama’s college records are among those he is fighting IN COURTS AROUND THE COUNTRY to keep the American people seeing, along with his birth certificate. Mr. Obama, be transparent! Stop hiding your past.
    As long as Obama keeps hiding all his past, there will be hoaxes galore yet!
    Why does he spend a million bucks to hire attorneys to hide all his records including his real birth certificate and college records? Everyone wants to know, as seen here:-


    Ah! Obama the secret man disguised as everything that he is not.
    Obamacare the secret power-grab disguised as the healthcare reform! Who can trust Obamacare?
    No one! As seen in this video:-

    '3-D Halloween Obamacare Horror Show'


  9. @ Denis - Thanks for the AT tips and info, thanks for following my site too, I will one day be side by side with you on American Thinker....at least I can try!

    @ lady-lyzar - Exactly, does the far-left do that? Not hardly.

    @ traveler - Good points, I'm not one of the 'birthers' but I am certainly apathetic to the cause. I'll check out that video....


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