Obama Nation Hammer and Sickle Billboard

h/t Track A 'Crat

A billboard along I-70 in Blue Springs MO, passerbyers -
This is outrageous, this billboard must come down? (Berkeley free speech)
Which Wall Street corporate interest paid the $$$ to have this put up? (Michael Moore)
Raaaaacism! (The entire media/Democrat industrial complex)
Brahh, are we the Obamanation? (College student)
What is that weird sign with the curvy thing? (public school student)
Pass the bong, whoa, orange....(check all above)
Uhh, like, uhh, I dunno??? (Orange County, CA suburbanite, passing through)
That's racist....but that's not what I said. ( Jimmy Carter) blogger - Hazaa Blue-Eyes
Shouldn't that be a swastika? ( Nancy Pelosi) reader, blogger Chris @ My Thoughts on.....
The sign should be RED and yellow! (Managers of the Empire State Building) Steve in PA
Yeah, but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time! (Kanye West) Steve in PA
Readers, add a favorite.......


  1. "That's racist... but that's not what I said." (Jimmy Carter)

  2. Shouldn't that be a swastika? (Nancy Pelosi)

  3. I want me one of them billboards!

  4. "Let's be very honest about what this is...this is not about taxes...this is about hating a black man...racism straight up" (Geraldine Garofolo)

    "The sign should be RED and yellow" (Managers of the Empire State Building)

    "And the number one highlite of Sarah Palin's trip to Blue Springs, Missouri 'Figured out what that bright orange thingy was I can see from Alaska'" (David Letterman)

    "Yeah, but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time!" (Kanye West)

  5. Tim,

    Thank you for this. This should also be made into a national billboard campaign:


    Is there anything fun that we can do that isn't taxed (with the obvious exception...)?


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