Meghan McCain Twitter Photo

by the Left Coast Rebel

The grand poobah of blogging internet conglomerative, all that is goodiness, is running all 'a-twitter over a racy Meghan McCain photo that the, (as of yet uncrowned), goddess herself was apparently dumb enough to post on Twitter. It must be a slow news night.

Or is it?

I mean come on, I see that Anita Dunn, the Fox-basher WH Comm. Chief has just been exposed as a Mao cheerleader. Yah, of course it's a joke though. Of course. And Van Jones wasn't a communist.

I see that Queen Pelosi is pushing ever-harder for the public option. Never mind you tea-baggers and seniors, shove aside, the Fed-freight-train knows better.

I see the Limbaugh-suppression story is still raging.

But no, Senator John McAmnesty's foul-mouthed, truck driver rest stop hangin', Marlboro-Red-tokin', silver-spoon+hard livin' specimen-daughter is making strides and headlines because of this -

Which is obviously funny, (and ridiculous), and points to the massive downside of PP, (procreation + politics)......

But the funniest thing to me? The fact that one of the top sources at the Memeorandum thread for this earth-shattering, sea-parting, ground-breaking revelation, (other than the Other McCain) is.........


Silicon Alley Insider.........

UPDATE: This one just keeps getting better.......


  1. Megs McBrat is an attention whore... She needed something to get her column noticed.

    I love how she played victim in her posts. Saying it was just what she was wearing. How about HOW she was wearing it?

    I know this is gross but what's up with the baby arm coming off of her left one?

    Sorry, I couldn't help it...It was bugging me.

  2. This is typical silver spooned brats, getting too much attention because Mommy or Daddy has too much money and not enough time. This "young lady" has too much time on her hands, not enough brains in her head to figure out, that her 15 minutes of fame are up. She isn't her Daddy, (thank goodness) and she doesnt have the brains of her mother (too bad). She was cursed/blessed with a cross over of both of them, unfortunately the genese didn't mix. She is a disgrace to the Republican party.

  3. Funny that libs all of a sudden are concerned about how a woman dresses. Isn't that supposed to be a freedom of choice? Right to self-expression? blah-blah-blah. Just more nonsense in the libtard world where only they have rights.

  4. Ms. McCain acts typical of other young women her age ... all flash and little substance. Well, okay, she obviously flashed more than just a little substance on her Twitter pics but that's a story for Penthouse to write! Truth be told, Ms. McCain has got a lot of growing up to do.

  5. Is she auditioning for a role on an commercial? This girl is as dumb as a box of rocks.

  6. oh jeeze, what will Daddy say?


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