Happy Obama Halloween

by the Left Coast Rebel

I'm heading off to a party in Los Angeles but wanted to leave a little Halloween cheer behind before I leave the site for the day. For those that didn't notice, I saved the most horrifying, evil, disgusting and ghoulish for the last........Happy Halloween!

h/t to Saberpoint for the Newsweek graphic
h/t to No Sheeples Here for Haunted House


  1. LCR,

    Absolutely fabulous grab of the Obama pics. About the MO pic, as John McEnroe says on the rent-a-car commercial: You cannot be serious!

    Is that a "for reals" Newsweek cover? Oh man, are they in the tank for those two or what?

  2. I'm not scared of the health plan, but I think it's a bad idea. My party is screwing up, trying to do a good thing,

  3. @ Boncka - Thank you.

    @ CJ - Poking fun, of course. I get it and am appreciative of your honesty. Frankly if your party had less statists and more like you, we would have a lot less to talk about.

  4. Chairman O mandates all holidays be named after His Greatness thherefore Halloween will no be known as "Obamaween'. Veeery scary.


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