FMJRA: Weekly Roundup, Sans Technocrapi: 1988 Version

by the Left Coast Rebel

I have good news and I have bad news. Which do you want first? Well first the good news. My site has grown by leaps and bounds, especially in the last month or so. In no small part do I owe a debt of gratitude to Cliff at Another Black Conservative, Stacy McCain and Smitty, Saberpoint, No Sheeples Here and many others. Some of it has been luck too, hitting the right stuff and meeting the right people. Who was it that said life was just a lottery that lucky people win?

Which brings me to the bad news. Life is not a lottery and there isn't much luck involved. Luck to me, is the summation of working your ass off and being at the right place at the right time. That this realization isn't something understood or appreciated in many corners of our society is something that we all have to come to grips with. Realize it, do not accept it.

I digress, the bad news is actually that successful blogging is a lot of work.....

And success in your blogging endeavour hinges in a great part on your ability to network, befriend and relate to others. In that spirit I bring you my Saturday Full Metal Jacket Reach Around Linky-love reader, co-blogger shout-out, (pheww). Just be sure not to emphasize the linky-love part as I am finding it difficult to know just who linked me.....Technocrapi.....

First off this week I have The Other McCain. Smitty and Stacy rounded out the week with the biggest campaign-effort to ever behold for Doug Hoffman in NY-23. They are to be commended for putting their mouth where their money is. Read the unfolding saga of Stacy's on-foot Hoffman adventure here. Major tip of the hat as well to the exclusive RSM road-reporting to ABC and myself. Glad to be part of the team!

Next up is Cliff over at Another Black Conservative. ABC as always was a mainstay fixture at the news-aggregate-blog site Memeorandum. Must reads from ABC are Obama to Conservative: Grab a Mop, Tea Party Moves Against GOP and The War on Fox News. Keep up the great work Cliff.

This week KOOK's Manifesto as well had a moving post. This one struck a note with me. KOOK recalls memories of a young man working on grandpa's farm. He relates the story of life and death in livestock and in nature to our society's casual ease at which we dispose of it thereof. Simply moving, a call to arms; an address of the darkness that we face from within the human heart. A must read. KOOK and Andrew seem to be finding their stride recently as much of the content at their site this week was top-notch.

Track A 'Crat, ah yes the Track. This week brought us Tracky-goodies such as Andgrogynous Toothy-Hippies, the Aristocracy Reborn Hoax that actually isn't, and my favorite of the week - What's Another Toothy Financially Illiterate Leftist Trillion? Track, you are a genius - keep truckin'.

Just a Conservative Girl. As always the girl with an astute conservative activist edge was up to no good this week, (good for us though). Her Hoffman/Palin post was to die for, (not literally of course). JCG rounded out the week with a solid lineup. Remember she is the one and only blogger that mucked up Queen Pelosi's phone lines and socialist medicine scheme, (albeit briefly), a bit back.

No-nonsense attorney-guy that remains anonymous, (wisely), Libertarian Advocate has a great expose up this week. He points to the cheery effort of the WH to silence Fox News and the ensuing b*tch slap that they surprisingly experienced. Surprising indeed.

I have good news and best news. Right Klik has been hitting the nail on the head with the socialized med push and Hoffman recently. The good news is that his site keeps getting better and better. The best news is that RK + Wife of RK are now 3. So there are 3 RK's. Let the right-indoctrination assume promptly my friend.

Rounding things up, new friends of the site and blogs to check out -


  1. You run a high-quality blog and you have much to be proud of.

  2. Just wanted to drop a note: I, for one, appreciate all the hard work you do chronicling the various news stories, other interesting blog entries, and general goings-on. Your blog is a daily read, even when I'm not blogging myself for various reasons. Keep writing for what you believe in. :)

  3. @ Nick - I appreciate the feedback, it has surprised me that this thing has turned into what it has. A lot of the work that you see here is simply inspired by the motivation of that 'little taste' of success in doing this. I didn't know that you read daily, hope you are well! Let me know how long you plan on staying in the 'Once Golden State' as well.....

  4. Your success at blogging should come as no surprise. As you say you work your a** off, what you offer is relevant and fresh, and you're usually on the forefront of happening.

    I for one admire your energy and effort. Congrats on the growth you have experienced. You sincerely deserve it.

  5. I suspect I'll be in Cali for at least the next year or two... inertia and all. The exact timing will probably depend on employment specifics (as you know, those of us who still work for a living must consider these things), and/or be motivated by school considerations for potential children (cause public school in Cali is largely a failed experiment in middle management gone wild, and good private school may be prohibitively expensive for those like me who are not [yet] independently wealthy). So probably a couple years ish.

    Also, I am well... thanks for the thoughts. Rock on. :)

  6. Thanks for the link! I appreciate the hard work you do as well, you always find good news items and stories.

  7. @ Nick - Good to know, I am in the same boat :).

    @ Right - You are welcome, thanks!

  8. @ Les - I appreciate that, I'm glad to have made your acquaintance as well. We are all in this long, tough fight!


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