Democrat Eric Massa NY-29: Fact Check

by the Left Coast Rebel

Great friend and one of the original supporters of LCR, C-Gen just contacted me re: the upcoming 2010 NY-29 election and the Democrat reelection of Eric Massa in particular. Apparently this district is quite conservative and Massa's support for things such as the Stimulus Bill is a weak spot that local activists are narrowing in on.

Massa is making their job quite a bit easier as of late, C-Gen writes:

The Steuben County Young Republicans over at Pachyderm Points contacted me regarding footage they had of Eric Massa’s recent announcement to run for reelection for NY’s 29th Congressional District. I’ve posted the video footage below. Just a reminder for everyone, Eric Massa is the leftwing ideologue who promised to vote against the interests of his district for Canadian style single payer health care. Given Massa’s recent statements regarding his support for the stimulus package at his announcement for candidacy, it would seem that nothing has changed in recent

Read the rest of C-Gen's piece here.

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