David Letterman Extortion - Liberal Values and Karma

by the Left Coast Rebel

Hell hath no fury of that of a female employee of the 'Late Show' scorned....

Karma Is an Inescapable Facet of Life......

Shall I continue?I know that I am going to get some flak for this from my readers looking for my typical take on hard news with a true-conservative edge. I am not wandering, trust me. But on the other hand, I told you so. David Letterman is a creep and a far-left self-aggrandising moron, (or ninny). His treatment of Sarah Palin, one whom I respect was beyond repute. As I say, he is a self-aggrandising ninny,(or is that a moron)?

Apparently David Letterman has had repeated dalliances with female staff members. How young? How many? Well apparently one of these individuals, or someone meaning to capitalize on his alleged behaviour thought to 'cash in' on the talk-show host.

Well the details, as of now matter not. What does matter is that Letterman handed the allegator, (no pun intended), a fake $2 million check in a special investigation sting. The person was promptly arrested this evening.

So all of this is beside the point and in many ways sad. Letterman is a gutter-creep. Even beyond what I thought. Beyond that, what I will tell you, what I am personally privy to; is the inherent radicalism inherent in celebrities and entertainers like Letterman. I should know, I attended one of his shows in early March of 2003. Martin Short was his guest, along with Jack Hannah, the animal-keeper zoo guy.

I took the following photos, (scanned from 35mm, I apologize), on the street in Downtown NYC as Short arrived for his Late Show appearance....

Now mind you, I was just a little star-struck with this limousine liberal..............
But certainly not ready for what to was to come.......

Being that what was to come was a lengthy, seat-turning, tossing-diatribe, leftist/socialist propaganda about Attorney General John Ashcroft and Enron. Dave was full of glee. Toothier than even our own Obamanation at the skewering of conservatives. I was aghast of the spectacle. What the hell, I thought, I was just coming here and paying good money to be entertained, not preached to by zealous lefty wingnuts. These guys have no moral character.

But the music was good.........

So frankly, and in total honesty, tonight's news is sad to me, and brings no surprise. I feel terrible for his family.I find it shocking in relation the disgusting sexual nature of his jokes aimed at the young Palin daughter. For this man, and most of Hollyweird/entertainment, is rotten to the core.

And by the way, worry not, this is not the typical article that you will see here at LCR, Cliff over at Another Black Conservative was kind enough to tip me on this and for the sake of new readership, we both jumped on it. Cliff and I killed it on Memeorandum yesterday.....

Via. Memeorandum
Via. ABC News

Update: Head over to Another Black Conservative for updates. As he will point out, it turns out that the extortion racket was instigated by none other than Robert Halderman, a producer. In addition, he was sleeping with several staffers. According to a reader as well, Letterman even mocked Palin the night before last, a continuance of his exploitation of her; attacks based on liberal-identity politics. Cry me a river Letterman, karma, karma, karma. Karma Chameleon..........


  1. After watching the recent Hollywood dalliances with Hugo Chavez, their undying support for Roman Polanski and now David Letterman's admissions I'm getting ready to swear off TV and movies (and Hollyweird) forever.

  2. As I was listening to the story this morning on FNC I thought to myself: "I'm not the least bit surprised." Letterman is a slime bucket of the worst kind.

    I just feel bad for his wife and kid.

  3. EEEWW! I hope he pays for STD testing for all those women--AND their treatments.

  4. @ American Girl in Italy - Ain't it?

    @ MK - Me too, I despise these people.

    @ Goddess - Me too.

    @ Sonickitty - Now that is a thought.


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