Bong Water/Illegal Drug: War on Drugs, or?

by the Left Coast Rebel

Time to dump your bong water in case the feds show up at your door. They might think you actually plan to drink it later. According to a split decision by the Minnesota Supreme Court, a person in possession of more than 25 grams of bong water that contains a controlled substance can be prosecuted for a first-degree drug crime.

While most people wouldn't consider bong water to be a legitimate drug, a narcotics officer testified that users will sometimes save the bong water and drink it later. We just puked a little.

The decision came after a Rice County woman had a glass bong seized from her home that tested positive for methamphetamine. The Supreme Court says that bong water now counts as a drug "mixture" under state law.
Chime in readers, what do you think of this? Prepostorous? Reasonable? And yes the picture @ right is a Pothead. Literally.


  1. Drinking bong water may be close to the grodiest thing I've ever heard. Still, I tend to favor decriminalization. So drug laws in general strike me as preposterous.

    If you're 18 and over and want to do it, do it and don't drive.

    However, I suppose that for anyone who thinks the war on drugs is winnable criminalizing bong water is no more ludicrous than criminalizing the drugs there are traces of in said bong water.

  2. @ Toaster - Indeed, can you imagine? I tend to favor decriminalization too....

  3. Bong water? First degree drug crime? Yup, that will show 'em, by golly... *rolling eyes*


  4. @ William - Statist indeed. What a friggin' disaster....

  5. This [expletive] government! What will they think of next!?? May I add "Legalize and Tax it!!"

    BTW, what is 'bong water'? I'll go google it ...

  6. This law is so stupid I can't believe it. I'm all for decriminalization too. We waste so much money on all the drug crap... but, we also get a lot of revenue from fines, probation fees, court fees, and confiscation of property and goods. Its very hard to get the government to let go of revenue, even when it makes sense and is more cost effective to do it.

  7. Yeah, the "War on Drugs" is ridiculous, especially considering the violent and abusive tactics the government engages in to fight said "war."

    From an economic point of view, it's the "War on Drugs" itself that makes selling drugs profitable for violent gangs. End the war ... end a large majority of gang violence with it.

    And bong water? Hey, if someone is stupid enough to drink it (although I doubt it) ... let 'em! Just get a video of it and put it on youtube so we can all laugh.

  8. All happily supported by members of the ABA. Why do you all think we still criminalize drugs? This is a booming industry ladies and gents and it benefits the state, the police, the private sector suppliers to prisons and the esteemed members of the criminal bar. Its all about revenue stream....


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