Sunday Linkfest - Bloggers to Watch

by the Left Coast Rebel

I've made a few new friends lately in my Right blogosphere adventures.....thought I would pass along a few new names and give them some recognition. Support their sites! Thousands of unique voices across the net, each with a different persona, personality and take on America under the Obamanation will get us through this fight to restore our Republic. Nothing can match an army of concerned citizen-journalists, (tens of thousands of us bloggers), not even the Leviathan of the State Press.

First off I present Soloman over at Wisdom of Soloman. Hailing from AZ and a recovering former-liberal Soloman has been on a roll for the last two months particularly. Interacting with him a few times recently, I think that he may be one of the up and coming guys. Tell him I said 'hello' and pass along his site......

Next up we have Liberty Chick over at I came across her site whilst performing a Google search for one of the ACORN stories. She was kind of enough to check out the Left Coast Rebel and follow my site. This taken from her profile, what she is about.....Revivalist for the US Constitution, Advocate for Liberty. Research junkie and writer, web strategist by day, and professional musician on the side (classically trained flutist). By the way, I can tell she is a techie - her site is super-clean.

She's my kind of activist and blogger! Scanning her site, again here, I see that she was invited to be in attendance for Glenn Beck's 9/12 special and also was the New Jersey rep. for the 9/12 Project. Way to go Liberty Chick, your activism and great site are noted here at the Left Coast Rebel. Readers, check out her site and support her.

Next up I have Red over at Caught Him With a Corndog. Red has been a reader and follower of the Left Coast Rebel for quite some time, I belatedly am drawing your attention to her great site......she comes to things with a lot of sarcasm and humor - never in a mean-spirited fashion though. Red had me up as her Super Blogger of the day, a commemorative crowning process with the Lovable Furry Old Super Grover. Thanks Red, I am returning the favor.

Now I draw your eyes to a new blog the Donkey Smasher. The Smasher's mission statement - ...... about showing support for the American way of life, and supporting capitalism.

Simple enough and I couldn't agree more. The smasher has been at it for a teeny-weeny time now but I like what I see so far at the site, (he also sells conservative bumper stickers, talk about a growth biz). This from his latest post titled Pushing Back -

Here are some major issues as I see it, and each of them has a profitable solution:

  • Biased news media·
  • Untested government planning·
  • Unchecked environmentalism·
  • Punishments of small business·
  • The tax code.

Simply put and all too true, visit his site here.

Lastly I ask for your attention! Visit James over at Reaganite Republican Resistance and salute my commander in chief, President Reagan. As I said before here at LCR, James was kind enough to blogroll me and has given me some support recently. I love his style, prose and energy. Visit his site daily, tell him I said 'hello' as well. Also, take a look at this piece that he put up re: North Korean bloggers, you won't believe what he points us too. Check the comment section as well for my little tidbit addition to his piece. Also read this for his insight on the real astroturfers in today's scene. Hint - they aren't swastika-carrying gun-toters.

Happy Sunday evening all.....


  1. Thanks for the props, Rebel.. I'll be visiting all those on your list who I have not yet seen.

  2. @ Soloman - No sweat, keep up the great work and thanks for the support here too.....

  3. You certainly are a resource for good stuff. Thanks, Reb.

  4. @ Nickie - Thanks man, I just want our network to blossom into the biggest group possible......your fine site is certainly a big part of that, I envy your talent with paintshop!

  5. Hey! Thanks for the shout to my site. I post the blogger of the day to get folks to check out other sites. Got the idea from Pat over at And So It Goes in Shreveport. Not to be a stickler but the name of my site is "Caught Him With A Corndog". I'll have to tell you the story one day soon.

  6. @ Red - Seesh, here I am trying to tribute some friends and I missname your site, sorry! You should see my chubby fingers at the keyboard, sometimes they move so fast that they're just a blur, my apologies! ......

  7. Lol! No worries. I appreciate the nod more than anything. I also see that you have inspired nyp to start their own blog although it's not very complimentary to you. Can't please everyone!


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