Oliver Stone/Chavez-Hollywood-Love, Surprised by the Chav Pack?

by the Left Coast Rebel

You shouldn't be. Surprised, that is after reading the Polanski stuff that I just put up. The ability of the useful idiot drone-syndrome hailing from Hollyweird knowing no limit. Therefore on this note, Enter the 'Chav' Pack, an illustrious collection of sycophantic kook-stick entertainers and their lust-child Hugo Chavez. The occasion of celebration for these folks? The Hollyweird premiere of Oliver Stone's "South of the Border." Those that showed up.....to celebrate. Nothing should surprise us out of Hollyweird or Washington.......

One miscreant deserving of another, a propaganda 'artist' movie-maker turned useful-idiot and the idiot dictator communist that be using he. Stone, being his best as the leader of the Chav Pack.
The two amigos, Penn and Chavez, shot taken in 2007. Great friend of the dictator.
Honorary member of the Chav Pack.
A new(er) member of the Chav Pack, Sarandon and a big thumbs-up from her love-child.
Another honorary member of the Chav Pack, used as a useful idiot tool for Venezuelan communist propaganda. Done cheerily.
Get this, according to this, Courtney Love was photo'd holding Chavez' hand at the after-party for the movie. New member to the Pack.

Another honorary member of the Chav Pack, Danny Glover.

Not on the list Matt Damon nevertheless, a member of the Chav Pack.


  1. Do these "useful" idiots have any sense of American history? Can they even imagine a film industry overseen by a Chavez? I weep for this country, and I pray that these individuals end up living in Venezuela.

  2. I was both surprised and not so surprised. In regards to Oliver Stone I would add the word disappointed. Sean Penn has been a traitor to this country for quite some time now and he should be blacklisted from Hollywood. As for the rest, they fall in the not surprised category but then Susan Sarandon and Courtney Love are whack jobs anyway and not many take them seriously. I remember a quote I read in John Wayne's biography about his feelings towards liberals and how the lot of them are people who got rich through capitalism, felt guilty about it, and then complain how everyone should be a socialist. Not Wayne (and not me either). Everything I have, although it ain't much, I earned through my own labors. I don't feel guilty about a thing and I will enjoy the fruits of my labor.

  3. The list of Hollywood elitist idiotic movie stars that I'm boycotting is growing. what the hell would they do if ALL OF US would no longer go see their movies?


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