Obama's September 8 Speech to Schoolchildren - Retraction

by the Left Coast Rebel

The Washington Time broke the story today that the White House has altered the language in the outline to public educators. Apparently presidential aides relunctantly admitted as well that the White House played a key role in the drafting/language of the instructional.

The language taken out?

Just one sentence, the "how can we help the president" part. White House aides said the language was an 'honest misunderstanding' and that it was supposedly aimed at spreading a pro-education message.

Well ain't that just hunkey-dory, I guess I don't have a problem with it now, a simple misunderstanding. We can all just breathe a sigh of relief now and know that we can send our children to school on September 8 without fear of indoctrination. Really?

The replacement for the "helping the president'' line?

From the Times - Students will be encouraged instead to "write letters to themselves about how they can achieve their short-term and long-term education goals. These would be collected and redistributed at an appropriate later date by the teacher to make students accountable to their goals."

Sounds benign but why now? Why the retrace? Why the Orwellian language in the first place? Why is this White House and this President so clearly out of touch? Is it simple incompetence and lack of understanding? Or is it malfeasance and alterior motives that would make one's head spin? Either way, the simple truth is that you don't mess with people's children and you tread lightly as a leader as Cgen points out in the comments. One would think that such common-sense would be just that - common.


  1. I chalk this up to another boneheaded Obama idea. Like the fiscal summit thing in Feb. It doesn't matter what language you use, you don't mess with people's kids. You can't show a Disney film in school without parents having some problem with it and calling their superintendent.

  2. @ I agree, I vote for sheer incompetence on this. I mean, come on really? The WH thought that they could release that lesson plan with the Orwellian language and noone would notice? Really?

  3. First of all, if His Royal Hitler wanted to address the kids, do it on prime time t.v. where parents can turn it off if they so choose. To skirt parental authority thinking that they know better is government force run amok.

    Second, why the need for a follow up lesson plan? That makes entirely no sense unless the intention is to reinforce the subliminal message and make sure the kids understand the agenda.

    Lastly, should I fail to be informed in advance of this being shown at my kids' schools, God help the person responsible for that screw up.

    Hell hath no fury like a black and gold mom having her kids messed with.

  4. When something is either incompetence or a plot, it's almost always incompetence. I am sure this was not part of a plot.

    This message does betray an attitude, though, on the part of the writer that at least for kids government and politicians should be someone you look up to. This is the opposite of what kids need. American values say to be skeptical of politicians and the government.

    Critics of this message sound overwrought to me, but I know I would go berserk if they even indirectly promoted a rightwing values in school.

  5. @ blackandgold - everything we are seeing today is gov't fore run amok. I think that they have struck a nerve with parents on this, the final straw?

    @ CJ - I tend to agree that it is not a plot but certainly betrays a certain attitude. Ditto on promoting a rightwing agenda in school....

  6. Hmm, just trying to think of crafty boxers from the past who were able to "backpedal" like there was no tomorrow, only to throw a devastatingly wicked punch out of nowhere, to rally in the late rounds.

  7. I didn't have a problem with him talking to students about the importance of education. That is a good thing.

    But, why are they having a discussion about dropping out to preschoolers? Kids that age like to learn.

    The biggest problem was the plan for before and after. Governoring and campaigning are two totally different things, they are finding that more and more everyday.

  8. Don't yell at me for a link to JBS, (I linked from LewRockWell.com) but thought this read to be appropriate, as this gal has not only knowledge, but, in the spirit of Pamela Geller (Atlas Surugs blog) "GOOD OL' FASHIONED COMMON SENSE."


  9. Dude! (in the good way) I have been visiting fairly often. I have little reason to comment as you cover things quite well. And, some topics I would just rather ignore. I know they are bad, but there is nothing, immediately, to do. So, for the moment, I remain quiet.

    I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic job you are doing and to let you know it is appreciated. Take it easy, but don't. Ha!

  10. Personally, I think a letter of "how can I help my country" should have been a homework assignment after hearing the President speak. We go on and on about how self absorbed young people are and how they expect everything their way on their terms.

    I cannot help but believe they learn this either in school or at home...

    If your kids grow up believing that everyone has an agenda and that no one is to be trusted then you just got to wonder if maybe this debate has something to do with it?

    You may not agree with his politics but he is the President.

  11. You're right on the mark, it is malfeasance and alterior motives. I still hope parents protect their children and keep them home that day.

  12. What's also startling is that the administration thought no one would notice the "how we can help the president" line. The whole thing still feels very Hugo Chavez.

  13. Newsbusters posted yesterday how the Left got all apopleptic when Bush 41 planned to do something similar back in '91.

    The school district we send our sons to here in Michigan opted to NOT show the speech on Tuesday - rather, they are taping it and making it available to high school students only to watch during lunch (optional) on Wednesday. Makes me want to almost vote "yes" on the upcoming bond issue (but I'll still vote no).

    Great site you have here - came here via Adrienne's Catholic Corner.

  14. There are two constants here...

    Obama continues to press what he sees as his cult of personality.

    The Conservatives are described as hicks and idiots for resisting him.

  15. Make no mistake about it. It is testing the waters to measure the response. The intent is to capture, and begin indoctrinating the young at an early age in the socialist/statist ideology.

    There are certainly ample examples from history. Obama is simply following the play book written by his preprocessors.

  16. This stunt smells more like something out of school systems in Pyongyang and Havana than in the USA. I can't get passed the "Dear Leader" quality of it, especially with questions like, "How can I help the president?" or one section which asked teachers to talk about why children should listen to the president, the congress, the senate, governors, mayors, etc.

    What? What? What?

    I'm thinking where is doing for your country and listening to your parents in all this liberal muck?

  17. Progressive to Democrats Jump.


  18. @ William - I think you are right, great analogy, I'll check out that link...

    @ Justaconsgirl - Indeed.

    @ Doom - Nice to know that you are lurking, say 'hello' from time to time!

    @ TAO - I agree, the actualy speech will probably not be anything controversial, the lesson plan is what was so outrageous....

    @ Sparky, WriterX - I know, once again it's the lesson plan that is so spooky.

    @ Larry D - Great to see you here, I tip my hat to your school district, that seems like common sense.

    @ Nickie Goomba - Indeed.

    @ Les Carpenter - It certainly seems that way with the Orwellian outline - I mean, come on these folks are supposedly the smartest people in the US!

    @ Cube - Yup, amen.

    @ keyboard jockey - I'll check that out...


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