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by the Left Coast Rebel

Via Memeorandum, TVNewser, I'm reading a report that John Stossel is leaving the ABC network for Fox. Apparently he will host a weekly one-hour show for both Fox News and the Fox Business channel. He'll also host four hour-long specials on Fox News, similar to the specials he did on ABC for years.

Yippee, hooray!

I'm a big fan of Stossel. His brand of pro-business and liberty-idealistic journalism is like a breath of fresh air in the vast homogeneous elitist-press. He simply challenges one to think in ways that the press almost never does. Way to go Stossel, I'm sure this will be good for your career.

From his ABC blog here -

In my new job, I want to dig into the meaning of the words “liberty” and limited government”. ABC enabled me to do some of that, but Fox offers me more airtime and a new challenge.

I’m still considering what I will do with my own show, one hour each
week. Economics certainly. Exercises in understanding
libertarianism. My “take” on the issues of the day. Kind of
like this blog. In fact, maybe we’ll call it, Stossel’s Take?

I ask you for your ideas. A studio audience? Should I wander
around Congress?

To be continued...

A shocking notion, insurance blurs the supply/demand accountability equation. The solution? Pointing to the cost deflation of Lasik. Simple brilliance......

Common sense.

A two-fer.


  1. I heard Glenn Beck say Fox had signed Stossel today. Good news! Stossel's book (I read it a couple of years ago) was outstanding. Blowing the lid of ridiculous agendas and government programs. I especially liked the way he outed the entire "organic" industry.

    Good stuff!

  2. @ I agree, Stossel is simply one of the best.....


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