Hollywood and the Huffington Post Unite Around Polanski

by the Left Coast Rebel

First off and before I go off the deep-end into this post, I want to wish a happy millionth b-day to William Jacobson over @ Legal Insurrection. William gave the Left Coast Rebel a nod in his writeup this morning regarding his million visit turn, as well as blogo-buddy Cliff over at Another Black Conservative. Wow!

Turning to the center of this piece now, motivated by the Pajamas video below - I come to Hollyweird and the degenerate, communist, vacuous, miscreant, libtard-left. Mind you I am not implicating all of Hollywood here, just Hollyweird.

The hit-list begins with today's current malfeasance, Hollyweird's insufferable ease with condoning and promoting the indefensible. Yes folks, Roman Polanski raped a child. And no Hollyweird, your collective defense of Polanski is not indicative of high-brow intelligentsia. It is indicative of the tragic, soul-pollutant of your culture, the end-result of moral relativism and degeneracy knowing no bounds.

Frankly I did not know of or give a damn about this Polanski character until the recent news. And it wasn't the recent news that brought his name to my psyche nor was it that he raped a child. Rather it was not even that but the fact that there are those amongst us that draw clemency to that. Huff-Po being the best example, showing the moral component behind the religion of liberalism, an amazing sight to behold.
There is a Good vs. Evil dynamic in our culture, (played out in politics, in the realm of ideas and actions), thank you Huff-Po for pointing to this. I am repulsed.

Yes I am repulsed by Hollyweird and liberal politics, the deviancy on display. Perhaps beyond child-rapists and their defenders and enablers on the left, even more ire should be directed towards communists in Hollywood. Yes they cover and duck under the veil of progressivism and the Democrat party, special interest groups and seemingly benign sounding projects and group-identities....
Nonetheless their tenuous associations belie their identity. Folks that think the defense of one that is a child rapist is somehow morally feasable. Folks that think that totalitarian dictators with blood on their hands are chique. The idiocy of Hollyweird elitists that would have their own throats slit in a split second by those that they pow-wow with, if not for their useful-iditoness.


  1. I am of the opinion that Hollywood (CA) is a giant sewer pipe that does nothing but pollutes America. I've noticed a trend of Hollywood political outsiders going to other places to film like Vancouver.

  2. Ah yes, Hollywood, the great cesspool of the west. Churning out decadence and immorality one leftist brain dead robot at a time.

    Not all mind you, but enough to keep the cancer growing and multiplying. It really is to damn bad they get any "press" at all.

  3. Surprised? No. This is what happens in Hollywood when you mix too many prescription drugs, illegal drugs, and botox. These are people with too much time and money on their hands and not enough verifiable brain activity.

  4. Tim,

    Great post but you've gotta be careful - the human brain can only take so much cr*p at any one time, and your post encompasses the whole range of the incestuous Polanski-Hollywood-Chavez-socialism clusterf*ck.

    It's almost too much.

    Apologies for the delay in getting back to you (again), you'll have my thoughts tomorrow re: our top-secret fledgling masterplan.

  5. It's so typical. The left rushes to the defense of a pedophile, but condemn and demonize patriots who don't want this country socialist. They turn my stomach with their screwed up values and lack of moral and ethical decency.

  6. I'm at a loss to explain Hollywood's support for a child molestor, wait a minute, wasn't there a guy named Michael Jackson?


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