Gaddafi's Tent, Donald Trump

by the Left Coast Rebel

As if today's news lineup couldn't get any more bizarre. While reading/writing about the Gadaffi filibuster at the UN today, I came across this story that points to the fact that the Libyan terrorist couldn't sleep in his tent last night. Apparently the town lawyer for Bedford NY shut down the construction of a palatial tent because a permit had not been issued for the construction.

What makes this story even more bizarre than the details above? The property that the tent was being erected, (@right), on is owned by Donald Trump and he is claiming that he had no knowledge of the tent-construction crime. Wow.

Also, Diane Sawyer on "Good Morning America" said that she had been in Gaddafi's tent in Libya and it was quite nice.

"It's perfumed, you should know," Sawyer said this morning on "Good Morning America."

Nice to know that our press has friends in high places, (tents), of such high standing.

Oh yah, Gaddafi is elevator-phobic as well, necessitating the tent-palace.

Apparently, Gaddafi sets up a palace-tent wherever he goes.

Also, I had a heck of a time today tracking down the proper spelling for the Libyan moonbat's name. Read this to see why.

I'm having fun today, for once.

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