Empire State Building Red Tonight - To Honor Chinese Communist Revolution

by the Left Coast Rebel

I guess you could put this story in the 'too many socialist infringements to keep track o' list'.........

The Empire State Building, icon of American capitalism, ingenuity, freedom and free-enterprise; the tallest building in Manhattan since the World-Trade Towers were downed by terrorists.....

Constructed in 410 days.

5 men lost their lives to the cause.

Built during the Great Depression no-less.

An achievement of American competiveness.....

Will be lit tonight, all night; in honor of the 60th Anniversary of the People's Republic of China. Yes, you read that right, the 60th anniversary of The Peoples Republic of China.

The 60th Anniversary of a revolution that killed millions and heralded a regime that still persecutes it's own people today; an affront to any freedom-loving/human-rights concerned-citizen. Perhaps the Fox News story above got it wrong though. Perhaps the Empire State Building's new Red hue.......

Is a celebration of the election of our Obamanation.

As Griper opines in the commentary here, Red is the color of blood. So I am asking any reader that sees a picture of the Empire State Building in Red, or lives nearby, think of the blood shed for the most evil ideology that has ever cursed mankind. For the enslavement and slaughter of millions under the guise of such. And for our own so-called useful-idiot intellectual American class that would willingly do the same to us.

Also, I refuse to place a picture of the Empire Building here in red, I have visited and gazed from atop it the building in awe, blood-spray light across her is something that I never wish to see.

We live in uparalleled and evil times.

Wes over at The Humble Libertarian caught this post, linked LCR and brilliantly opined -

It's also a symbolic act of moral capitulation to a violent, ignoble revolution, from the very height of the monolith that represents the world's truest, most enlightened, most noble political and economic revolution itself:Capitalism.

This speaks volumes about the level of moral decadence and political ignorance in the West today. Just as a bright and promising future rises from the ashes of Chinese communism, we celebrate the ashes.

Even more telling, is that the Empire State Building determined to celebrate the
Communist Revolution in China last night by lighting up in red, but did not
bother to celebrate the Constitutional Republican Revolution in America by
lighting up in red, white, and blue last month for
Constitution Day.

Couldn't have said it better myself, read the entire piece here.


  1. sure lets honor all the mass murderers of humanity shall we!..gah! :)

  2. Another way to see it, red is the color of blood. Shall we say it will lit up in red to commemorate those who blood was shed in persecution?
    if enough will report it as thus, we can change people's idea of it.

  3. Being an ex-NYer, I was incensed, but on further thought, it is in perfect harmony with the politics of that city. NY is the people's republic of NY, and Mayor Bloomberg is the dictator in the city. Still, I am rather disgusted. How long did it take to build the ESB? TT? And now it's 8 years after 9/11 and we have nothing. So many of us wanted the towers built again, but the political scum didn't have the fortitude to do it.

  4. Let me get this straight: Lighting the Empire State Building in red to honor communism, okay. Saying Merry Christmas, not okay. Ditto for the Pledge of Allegiance, prayer in school, etc. etc. Only in NYC.

  5. Are we sure the Chinese don't own that particular piece of property also?

  6. And this in what should be the bastion citadel of capitalism and freedom. How far we have fallen.

    However, Griper makes a strong case, if we all take a negative and turn it to the pursuit of exposing Red China for what it was and did, perhaps we can change peoples minds.

  7. No, I think this could happen in San Francisco, and DC.

  8. Saw the lights coming on tonight while out walking with one of my dogs. I can't believe it's come to this.

  9. The Empire State Building will be red for the blood of the 100 million souls who perished under Communist tyranny during the 20th Century. I like the relabeling here. Great idea, Griper!

  10. It's almost unbelievable. I've been stunned beyond the capacity to express outrage anymore. Thanks Obama.

  11. Ick - I am glad that I was out of town today. Otherwise, I would have refused to go up to the office.

  12. @ Woman honor - Yeah, why not, our own president does it...

    @ Griper - Moving, I amended the post to reflect this, thank you.

    @ Right Guy - You certainly have a point, here in CA, they would do the same.The fact that Ground Zero is still a hole is the most outrageous thing I have ever heard.

    @ Urban Infidel - Take some pictures if possible, I am sad that you had to see that. Here on the Left coast I can cocoon myself. Nice to see you here.

    @ Stogie - Indeed my friend, I put Griper's idea in the post, brilliand and correct.

    @ RK - It is unbelievable, I feel the same.

    @ Zane - You have a view of the ESB from your office? What a sad story....

  13. Perhaps they can rename "Wall St", "Hammer and Sickle St" to celebrate Karl Marx's birthday.

    After watching all the Truther protests at Ground Zero, I am not surprised by anything these dayz.

  14. Yeah, as a loyal American, my family always tries to celebrate The Cultural Revolution.

  15. Before we are so quick to judge, let us recap where America was 60 years ago...

    In 1949 there was, segregation, lynchings, cross burnings, jim crow laws, had closed down japanese interment camps only a few years earlier... that's not to mention McCarthyism in the 50s all the bloodshed of the civil rights movement in the 60s. America wasn't as free then as the America we take for granted today.

    Considering 61 years ago China was an *empire* with a large portion of its population illiterate, if it were still an empire today, they would be considered third world. I am not defending their obvious human rights issues amongst other problems they have. However, they are making progress just like we are making progress. Considering the country has a very long, rich, and proud history that was made to be somewhat less important after the rise of Christianity, they are trying hard to get a seat at the big boys table. Considering their population is 4.5 times large than ours, they have some different issues to contend with. So before we start the hate brigade, let's try to keep it all in perspective. Though their methods re unacceptable by our standards (or most everyone's standards for that matter) let's not forget that the literacy rate has skyrocketed, their wealth has increased exponentially, and they are beginning to develop a research base, especially in computer technology that is close to rivaling our own.

  16. You can add Philadelphia, the birthplace of our Republic, as another city which would have no problems showing "honor" to Red China. I grew up in the Cold War and am still shaking my head in disbelief that we have fallen so far as to show "honor" to a known enemy of the United States.

  17. LCR: Doing a post this afternoon about how the Marines were snubbed last November in lighting up the building. It's disgusting!

  18. Tim, why would any New Yorker even put up with this? It amazes me in the center of the symbol of terrorism in the United States that they would even think about celebrating a government that has terrorized it's own people as well as millions around the world.

  19. Still can barely believe how quickly it was constructed. Incredible.

  20. @ Freedomnow - I agree, a sad sight indeeed.

    @ Nickie - Don't we all?

    @ The Law - Not a proper analogy TL, the difference is that despite the injustice and imperfections of America's past, we have never imprisoned, suppressed free speech, ruled with an Iron Fist and killed millions in the name of 'progress'. It is one thing to aknowledge that China is improving, it is yet another to celebrate the 60 b-day of the 'Peoples Republic'.

    @ MK - Agreed.

    @ BB - Why? Our urban centers are cesspools of commie-left thinking and utter rubbish and nonsense.

    @ Track - Isn't it? Perhaps we have changed as a country my friend. The twin towers should have risen higher than before in less time....

  21. What's next? Light up the Sears Towers to honor the Iranian Revolution of 1979?...Or maybe we all turn on our headlights for Hugo Chavez one day. Sickening.

  22. @ Steve - Don't count it out my friend.....

  23. Its worse than a view - I work in the ESB!

  24. Somehow, this happening in NYC does not shock me. They lost their souls ages ago. Aren't they the ones that helped keep Billery Clinton in power when they both should have both been in jail? Helllllloooo!?

  25. Empire State building tests out what it will permanently look like when Obama appoints himself permanent Chancellor. What's next from the Kremlin on the Potomic?

  26. @Clay:
    There are a lot of commies in NY. I wouldn't be surprised if there weren't one or two singing the Internationale when the lights went up.

  27. This is a travesty. The U.S. is honoring the tyranny of communism being forced upon the chinese people. How disgraceful.

  28. @THe Law:
    No one here hates Chinese people. We do, however, hate communism in all it's forms. It's Oranges and Tangerines. What China did as a national government to it's people is different in some ways the problems you say we had. A lot were regional issues that our federal government stepped in with and some were corrected, and I might add in a relatively short order. China on the other hand may drift towards capitalism, but it seems not ready to give up on it's totalitarian government. It wasn't that long ago when they used tanks to grind people's bodies into the pavement for protesting, and to this day they do things like compulsory organ donations as it were and abortions.

    I am quite certain if the people china could live under the system we had 60 years ago, they would in a heartbeat. While I make no excuses for the wrongs that have happened in this country, only looking in the rear view mirror is no way to move forward.

  29. @sparky:
    Hillary had cemeteries voting, but no matter what, she would have beaten Lazio no matter what. He was too parochial and unknown. Rudy would have beaten her.


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