Andrew Klavan Pajamas TV - Racism

by the Left Coast Rebel

Hat-tip to Van Helsing over at Moonbattery

I love this -

That Ayn Rand guy in the game Bioshock who means to
create superior creatures but instead churns out half-formed gibbering mutants who jump out at you out of the darkness...

In other words, the power structure of the Democrat party, elite universities, and the main-stream press. Anyone that hasn't played Bioshock should, by the way - top-notch game.


  1. LCReb, GREAT POST! Now the lefties in Hollywierd are defending Polanski(h/t to Clifton @ ABC's blog). Nothing shooks me anymore.

  2. what ya tryin to do, reb, be the the comedian of the day? lol
    well you made the cut in my book. was that a classic example of what is called "double speak", saying one thing, meaning another? good post, amigo.

  3. I don’t see the relationship between celebrities and race. It seems like celebrities have the same foibles as everyone else, except celebrity foibles are covered in gossip papers. (Celebrities make their money on attention, so they ask for it.)

    As for race, there are people alive today who were adults but couldn’t vote and were segregated because of race. Only time will erase the repercussions of that.


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