9/12 Protest Count - The Number of Protesters from Zac Moilanen at Indiana University

by the Left Coast Rebel

One of the most disturbing and frustrating events that I have encountered during my stay here at the Left Coast Rebel has been the State-Media's attempt to downplay, obfuscate, and shove aside the massive number of folks that protested on 9/12. I have never seen anything like it in my life, to be perfectly honest. Frankly I am not here to even say though that I am surprised that our 'press' would do this, I am however pointing you to an independent report done by a Mr. Zac Moilanen at Indiana University. The entire document is below. Be sure to click on the 'full screen' tab. BTW, he comes to an estimate of 1,782,760 folks. Obamantion and Statists, ignore us and we'll see you in 2010.
The Real Number of Protesters - Zac Moilanen

Update : Reader Libertarian Advocate responded to the spirited discussion in the comment discussion here at this post. Basically he points us to a piece by Yid With Lid that shows that the Tea Party movement and the general discontent in public is not a Democrat or Republican issue. It is an American issue. Read it here.


  1. Is this taking into account:
    1. People who could not get into town due to overcrowding?
    2. People who protested in other cities besides DC?
    3.People that were constantly leaving the protests to check out the various sights in DC on the day they were there? We left the protest somewhat early because we were being crushed, were hungry and wanted to hit the Smithsonian natural history museum which was a very short walk from the protest. The museum was full of protestors too, as we all the sights in DC from what I was told by a cab driver the next day. He was convinced that we greatly outnumbered the Obama inauguration crowd which was estimated at 2 million. (The Obama regime would NEVER play with numbers)

    This post adds legitimacy to my call that we rename the 9/12 protest the 2 MILLION MAN MARCH. If not for the truth of how many people were there as I was, then just to stick it in the face of those who chose to rewrite history by calling a 1/2 million gathering a "million man march. I know how many people were there because I saw it with my own eyes and my photos were posted here on this blog. I have been to multiple concerts where 250,000 were in attendance and the 2 MILLION MAN MARCH made them all look tiny.

  2. Just one more thing...if you add the total number of people in DC, according to this estimate to the total number of people protesting around the country, subtract those votes from Obama and give them to (for instance) Mccain in the 2008 election, Mccain would have won in a landslide and it would be a very stong repub majority on Capitol hill in both houses...which would probably mean absolutely nothing in the big picture. The bad policies of progressivism would have continued as they were under Bush leading to a President far worse with a far stronger mandate and much larger voting base with young people old enough to vote that have been indoctrinated by our federal education system in 2012. As it is, the people most to blame for our problems just so happen to be in power as "their chickens have come home to roost." That is the difference between now and the great depression when FDR's bad policies extended the depression while sounding good to the people. This time, Obama came in early enough to get the majority of the blame for our sagging economy and looming runaway inflation that will likely necessitate a freeze in money printing by 2011.

  3. That's great. The pictures don't lie. I haven't seen anything like it in my lifetime. I am in awe of this nation's patriots.

  4. @ Andrew - Great points all around. As to your last point, perhpaps that makes the election of the Obamanation a blessing in disguise.

    @ Opus - Google picked my post up for 9/12 Protest Count on the first page of the search. Put this up on your site and let's get this out there! I'm proud of my fellow liberty-lovers as well, I wish I could have been there.

  5. I reposted the link at KOOK's as well.

    I believe that had McCain been elected, similar protests would be occurring by 2011 with the blame (media fueled) going to the "right" and "deregulation." Now the media is trying to cover for a complete idiot whose puppet strings are being pulled by total communists and the whole country knows it whether they want to admit it or not.

  6. I have one dispute with the report. In the "mall" area which were having some kind of "black history" celebration blah blah blah.... there were more protestors than black folks in that area, and some actually dare I say OVERLAPPED. Yes there were black folks in the march too folks!

  7. I agree with the assessment that Obama's election was a blessing in disguise. I can't think of a single conservative who could have unified the GOP as fast as Obama has.

  8. God bless ALL who went! been busy..tryin to catch up!:)

  9. I, too, believe there were more there than actually reported even in this report but it does prove that it was no small number as the now fringe (fka MSM) media would have said (if they would have said anything!). Thanks for posting this info. :)

  10. Hey Rebel - I posted the document with a huge hat tip to you - great find, man..

  11. I never have an issue with peace dissent, whether or not I agree on this issue. However, this is NOT a grassroots movement (because it has national endorsement from a news agency) so you have numbers inflation (not the number of people who were there, but the number of people who saw it on TV and went). 2nd, in the best case scenario of 2 million strong, they represent just over 1% of the voting population. To put that in perspective it's a little more than twice the number of Nader voters. Finally, such events appeal mainly to the base conservatives, not moderates.

    I don't disagree with all the things you're fighting for. However, the conservative population gravitates towards the base which is moving in the opposite direction of global trends. This strategy cost McCain 10 Million or about 10% of the votes, which means even if EVERYONE who voted for Nader, Barr, Baldwin, or McKinley voted for McCain, Obama would've won by 9 million votes.

    I say this because I care more about good politics over political associations. The right (mark my words) will NOT win considerable numbers in 2010 if they continue on this track despite whatever polling data there is. The GOP have yet to outline a coherent, articulate plan of action, and the 9/12 protests are the embodiment of that lack of vision. Unlike other grassroots movement, there is no end game objective that signifies what victory looks like. And if there is, please tell me.

  12. The grassroots movement is not confined to traditional conservatives as there are a number of conservative democrats who have defected. The protest was not a GOP protest. It was an anti-government protest and in a way, it's more disconcerting to Dear Leader and his friends. If there is a march on 4/15/2010, anticipate many more people who are far more vocal.

    To say that 1% of the voting population of America showed up so that number is statistically moot is to deny the groundswell of others who didn't show up but sympathized with those who did.

    The endgame objective has not been clearly identified because there is no party who represents those people. By 2010, anticipate the House falling to the GOP by default. By 2012, anticipate a political reaction sufficient to shake up both the Democratic and Republican Parties.

  13. The Law makes an interesting comment. One thing you don't seem to understand is that to conservatives politics isn't about picking who's going to win and getting on that team. We feel strongly about what is the right and wrong way to run this country, regardless of 'global trends'. Freedom and democracy are not global trends or historic trends, for that matter, so we are going against the flow here.
    And about your warning that we won't win in 2010, yes, we would like to win, but we won't cave on our beliefs just to win the numbers for something we don't want to happen.
    Your words--- "The GOP have yet to outline a coherent, articulate plan of action, and the 9/12 protests are the embodiment of that lack of vision. Unlike other grassroots movement, there is no end game objective that signifies what victory looks like." don't make sense to me because the 9/12 protesters for the most part are disgusted with the way the GOP is ignoring them. The fact that we are unsure of the endgame should further PROVE, not disprove, that this is a grassroots movement. We are just trying to defend what we believe in.
    BTW no one told me what to say or paid me to say it.

  14. @ Andrew - I agree as well

    @ Lars - Glass is half-full? I think you may be right....

    @ Womanhonorthyself - Amen, how was your time away?

    @ Soloman - Thanks, I wish I had this a week ago or so!

    @ The Law - Simply not true here my friend. I won't ramble on here as there are several points that I could debate you on. I simply just don't think that the anger level of middle America is being accurately measured by the press. Many normal folks, liberal, conservative, middle of the road and moderate + independents feel that they are losing their nation. Bush represented the same trend that Obama has accelerated to these people, (including I). McCain lost the elecion because he kicked conservatives in the face for years and was a terrible choice. I saw it here in San Diego, the area is 75% GOP, (or used to be until GW), where Obama won because voters simply thought he was more conservative than McCain. Also TL, this movement is explicitly anti-big-government and NOT GOP. I know this having attended a tea party myself. BTW too, victory is We The People getting our country back.

    @ LL - Agree, just as I am saying here to The Law.

    @ Lynnae - Great points!

  15. LL's post is exactly on point, and he has strong support for that view to boot. See, http://yidwithlid.blogspot.com/2009/09/pox-on-both-their-houses-new-study.html and Rasmussen at http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/general_politics/september_2009/66_angry_at_government_policies_60_say_neither_party_has_answers

  16. @ Libertarian Adv - Great posts, I'll check out the Yid one, I was looking at the Rasmussen polls earlier. BTW, nice avatar!

  17. I will repost this as it did not come up last time and I don't think LCR would censor it.

    The Law:I would like to know which "news network" sponsored sponsored the 912 protests. If you REALLY want to see how wrong you are, I can put you in contact with some of the folks who did the coordinating of the event and you will discover that they have nothing to do with any news outlet. All you have to do is say the word and I can put you in contact with them so you can find out that the lies your leftist friends have told you and the Kool Aid you are apparently drinking are big fat lies. I was in in contact with folks that were planning the event from very early on. The archives at our blog (KOOK's Manifesto) will confirm this. KOOK and I were able to attend several insider events that were NOT open to the general public or ANY media outlets. That is one reason we arrived on Wednesday instead of Friday or Saturday like everybody else. If you so desire I will post our entire politically oriented itinerary so you can see for yourself more proof that there was So I will know as the 1.7 million other folks will know along with the millions who tried and failed to get to DC along with the millions who wanted to be there that it was NOT thrown by ANY media outlet. In fact, Fox was asked to stay out of it by several of the groups behind the event to prevent the exact accusations you are putting out but then again if you weren't getting emails from one of the coordinators of the event, you would not know that. The fact is, there was no one group behind the event but a collaboration of several groups like grassfire and resist.net and several others but they did use one person who runs one company here in Florida to schedule bussing, hotels, other lodging and permit pulling to throw this event and that person is who I was in contact with. So you can choose to take me at my word, ask me to prove myself which I will and you will still be wrong or continue being drunk on political party kool aid.

    You asked what we define as victory....
    1.Removing communist ACORN from the CENSUS which we accomplished
    2.Exposing the corruption of and accomplishing the defunding of ACORN/TIDES/SEIU/APOLLO organization.
    3. Stalling Obamahealthcaredestruction, Crap and raid climate change bovine scatology and anything else Obama and his above mentioned puppeteers want to try to pull off in Congress.
    And finally and most importantly throwing out EVERY Incumbent possible in the 2010 midterm elections in both parties effectively neutering Obama as we did Clinton in 94.

  18. I will tell you, all of you by the way who paid for my trip to DC. Me, my family as well as friends who for various reasons could not go but wanted to be represented along with KOOK who pulled some strings to get us SUPER CHEAP lodging.
    Here is a comment that I posted on my blog that you folks may find interesting. So for those of you who do not know I went to DC with a left MCL (knee) injury that made it very difficult to walk but it was that important to me that I be there that I suffered much more than I let on through 4 days of constant walking through DC until my knee completely gave out Saturday afternoon. That's ASTROTURF, right????

    ...There were more than 60,000 in the pre march gathering where we first hit the crowd. As I said on LCR's blog. This study does not take into account people leaving to go sightseeing or as we did to go to the Smithsonian early which despite being on way too many painkillers, I recall it being full of protestors. Similarly, the cab driver that I talked with on Sunday after you had left said that it was like that in every part of DC and He was convinced that we greatly outnumbered the "2 million" that showed up for Obama's inauguration. It doesn't matter how many over 1.5 million showed up. The proof is in the photos all over the internet and those folks aren't going away. They are increasing in numbers daily. It's a funny thing that everywhere I wear that 912 protest hat I bought at the press meeting, somebody tells me they wish they could have been there, asks questions about what it was like, etc. The funny thing about that is, I live in as "liberal" an area as you will find in any big city and the folks that often ask about the march are not "of the persuasion" that you would think. Usual readers here will know what that means. For those who don't, I am saying that many who wanted to go and march were of ethnic groups other than "white." I agree with your comment that that guess is as scientifically close as we will find, but for the reasons I stated previously, I believe the number may be somewhat higher.

    *the press meeting was for bloggers..aka..the alternative press, not Fox News and was restricted to 100 people. We had a very nice Q&A with politicians such as Dick Army and Jim Demint. We also had photo ops, etc. The next time a big story about Demint or Army pop up I intend to use my photos of them from that in the post. As I said I have 256 and I have only posted 16. hmm...

  19. @ Andrew - Thanks for the thoughts here, don't forget to take part of my poll via RightWingNews, tell KOOK to throw in his two cents too.

  20. Glenn Beck on Imus in the Morning this morning.

    Imus and Glenn Beck connect the dots.



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