The Tide is Changing, Liberals Turning Against Obama

When I first started blogging many months ago one of my first blogosphere friends was Cgen over at New Conservative Generation. Cgen started his site at nearly the same point in time that I did, our opinions and discourse clicked.
By the way, Cgen's content just keeps getting better and better. He's had a bit of a hiatus from a much-deserved vacation, check in with him to see his new posts.

Anyway through Cgen I made contact with a liberal blogger named The Law at The L Comment. Although I didn't usually agree with TL, he came to things with a sense of reason and decency; he was always up for debate. He was a huge Obama supporter and it showed. I sensed many months ago that his support was cracking a bit when he expressed doubt in the Obamanation GM 'restructuring', (UAW over bondholders, etc).

I digress, I just finished reading his latest post, Change We Could Believe In, he outlines the many areas, the issues that the Obamanation has failed in his opinion.
Excerpts -

"There is a lot of talk in the Obama administration about looking into the future, and I do believe they are doing that. However, their eyes are so far down the road sometimes, it seems they lose track of the short term goals that need to be accomplished in order to achieve the long term goals. Let’s look at some things that have happened in my short absence":

On health care - "Now, he is going on the attack, playing the blame game, pitting democrats against republicans, and pretty much abandoned the spirit of cooperation he promised".

The Economy - "Yet he wants to tax the rich, tax businesses (mostly the larger ones), and still hasn’t fully addressed the banking situation that makes it difficult for small business owners to operate their businesses. Let alone effectively tackling the healthcare issue to ease the burden off small business. There is no shame in a democrat lowering taxes for businesses, especially small businesses, as long as we make provisions to reform the system and close the loopholes that help people to unfairly and unjustly benefit from the system."

Obama's class-system - "There is an inverse relationship between those who favor Obama and those who don’t, such that the less money one makes the more they love Obama and conversely, the more money one makes the less the like Obama."

Read it here and offer up debate on his points. I am seeing, we all are seeing, a change in the tide against the radicalism in our government. The Law represents a change for America and that there is hope to right our course ......


  1. Interesting post from your friend. I would say it's encouraging, but I'm thinking that a lot of 'liberals' are disillusioned w/ him b/c he hasn't been liberal enough...

    But hey, any way they're disillusioned works for me.

  2. I feel encouraged too. Even Colmes (of Hannity and Colmes, Fox News) is showing doubts in this Administration's promises and tactics. He's actually been looking scared. All I can say is to the lib's is "told you so" and welcome to the fray. We're glad to have ya.

  3. @ Susannah - Either way works for me too.

    @ Sparky - I feel better than I have since the election...

  4. Thanks for the endorsement... I try to give as honest a reflection as I can =)

    @ Susannah - for me it's quite the opposite - I think he is going so far left, that the Change We Can Believe In train is derailing... His campaign speeches made him seem far more centrist.


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