Nancy Pelosi Swastika Claim - Town Hall Protesters

by the Left Coast Rebel
Just when you thought that it couldn't get any worse, just when you thought that our 'leaders' had reached the pinnacle of condescension, fear-mongering, broad-brush painting of dissent as extremism, disrespect of honest debate and concern.........

You be the judge reader, I don't even need to add to this, thoughts?


  1. Pelosi and her ilk dig the pit of their political demise deeper every time they speak. Their own tactics reek of fascism and jackbooted thugs.

  2. Not to be disrepectful to you and your site, LCR, but the Bolshevik Bitch needs to shut her yap!!! It's not the American people acting like Nazis.

  3. @ Wiregrass Steve - They sure do, I mean, come on! Nazis and swastikas? Insane.

    @ blackandgoldfan - No disrespect taken, you are right. On the other hand I want her to keep talking!

  4. Her smear doesn't even make sense. Pelosi accuses any dissenter of being a Nazi, but the whole concept of state-run services like health care has more in common with National Socialism than capitalism. If so many people didn't believe the smear, it would be worthy of a belly laugh for being so disconnected from reality and history.

  5. @ Carl - It is worthy of a belly laugh and her ejection from office. Total disdain for American citizens...I can't believe she said this!

  6. These Democrats detests the people of this country so much. They continue to look down upon us with disgust. They now call us Nazis when it is them who are starting to emulate the government of Nazi Germany.

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  8. @ Bung Bill - Indeed, their tactics are very similiar

  9. Note to readers - Radracer expressed a brilliant couple of points in regards to Pelosi. However, the use of incendiary language is not acceptable at the Left Coast Rebel.

    @ Radracer - I appreciate your passion and feel the same, keep reading and commenting, I know that our 'leaders' make us wish the worst for them, let's just keep it clean here.

  10. I have seen ONE picture of someone with a swastika. However, is was drawn with a circle and cross through it (whatever that's called... like the "Ghostbusters" sign). So, the lady carrying the sign was basically saying "NO" Nazis/Socialism. Nancy's remark made it sound like (intentionally) that people were wearing swastikas or were promoting the symbol.

    She needs to go.

  11. I, too, want her and the Obuma minions to continue talking. The more the commie lib's talk, the deep their hole gets and the more coals of fire get heaped on their heads. "... And the wall came a tumblin' down .." (children's Bible song) [wink] Stay strong my friends. There is an end to all this.

  12. I hope she snaps and goes catatonic. She knows she is lying.

  13. Still searching for those Swastikas she is talking about, or is she confusing her liberal rallies with our.

  14. This makes me want to puke. I don't think I've ever been angrier.

  15. She is NOT comparing the protesters to Nazis. She is rightly objecting to the over-the-top comparison of the Democrats to the Nazis. There are photos of folks with swastikas and SS logos at these rallies. It is a fact. Rush Limbaugh has repeatedly cited "similarities" between Obama and Hitler.

    P.S. Could you folks please make up your Obama a fascist or a socialist? The two are mutually exclusive.

  16. @ Anonymous - I know what you mean, I object to that however, any reference to a nazi symbol is unacceptable....

    @ Sparky - Yep, the more they talk the deeper the hole they keep 'a digging

    @ Blue - Wouldn't that be awesome, she is getting close!

    @ Cons Scal - Indeed.

    @ Nickie Goomba - Me too my friend.

    @ Liberal Louie - Thanks for reading, I have to disagree 100%, I am not aware of Rush citing similiarities between the Obamanation and Hitler, was that in reference to the Pelosi comment?

    Also, I vote for fascist for Obama, the government thus in charge of key industries, yet allowing most industries to function under their restraint - fascism.

    Socialism to many of us here simply just describes the state that we are in in the US, a Federal government that is encroaching daily into every individual aspect of life.

    Fascism though, is the more proper definition.


  17. Hey Louie:

    SHOW ME THE MONEY!!! If that were true those pictures would be easy to find. The one I found had a picture of Dubbya with the F word. It is on my blog.

    I am more than willing to call anyone out for wearing a symbol like that to a townhall meeting.

    You are missing the jist of our complaint though. It is a glass houses kind of thing. You did not hear these types of statements out of the Bush white house when it was going on about the war.

    I also will give you the complaints about the communist label. I don't think Obama is a communist. But I want you to look me in the eye with a straight face and tell me that he isn't trying to change the fabric of this country. He is growing the size and capacity of the government. America was founded in limited government.

    When Congresswoman Kirkpatrick was asked today if she and her family would go into the public option insurance she walked out of her townhall and cancelled the last two stops of the day. What the heck is that? We pay her salary. We have every right to question a change that is going to affect 20% of our GDP.

    And please, please answer me what would your reaction be to the Bush white house putting a statement on the website asking people to report "fishy" comments. The ACLU would be filing lawsuits.

    That kinda seems just a little facist. You can't blame people for being a little senstive about it.

    So Louie - send me the picture and I will post it and call the person it. Until then just admit what she said was wrong.

  18. Liberal Louie, You must think it is lunacy for for Pelosi to be compared to Nazis, or for leftists in general to be compared to Nazis. After all, Nazis are right wingers and Pelosi and Obama are clearly leftists. it is a little strange though, that Obama/Pelosi/Reed have gained controlling interest in the banks and now 2 of the "American Car Companies" through the court system. There is no way they are Fascists though because fascism is a method of government gaining control over a population by sharing power and money with huge corporations. Hitler used BMW and Daimler to build his military while he systematically took control of Europe's banks and Pelosi and Obama have never done anything like that. Thank goodness we have leftists in power now. Protection of the people is and has been the number one agenda of the far left for 150 years now. The big hero of the left, Stalin certainly didn't kill as many dissidents and Jews as Hitler. In fact, Stalin killed far more people in Russia and Eastern Europe than Hitler did if you credit him for every death in World War 2. So Pelosi siding with Obama in huge takeovers of our private sector are using the Fascist method of gaining power, yet they are leftists modeling our future Government after Stalins' Now that is taking the best of both worlds and combining them for America's future. I'm so glad we are going to have a government modeled after those by the greatest heroes of the last century, aren't you?
    Did you ever stop and think that other people besides me see America resorting to Fascism and Communism and are offended by it. Pelosi should have a Swastika tatooed to that plastic filled forehead of hers. You need to spend serious time studying you history pal as you have bought into the myth that Fascism and Socialism are mutually exclusive. What was the name of Hitlers political party? It was the German National Socialist Workers Party. Just for histories sake let's break down that name. German I think we understand, "National" implied the fascist method of central government takeover of big corporations responsible for war materials manufacturing. "Socialist" implies increased central government power by direct takeover of ownership rights of things less important to Hitlers' war plan. The "workers" implied that all labor was forced to be unionized. So I have just laid out for you solid evidence that Fascism and Socialism are not mutually exclusive, but instead are both similar means to the same end result which is a powerful central government led Dictatorship. I don't know who told you that Fascism and Socialism are exclusive but that was either a big lie or a total display of ignorance for the true definition of Fascism and Socialism. To be fair, most people have no clue what Fascism and Socialism mean or the final results of what such methods of governance leave in their wake.

  19. So, the bottom line is if someone was displaying a swastika at Pelosi's office, actions on her part to prevent the government takeover of controlling interest in our Banks and Auto Manufacturing industries which were executed perfectly by the Fascist playbook most clearly warranted such actions. Likewise, the nationalization of our Heath care system would warrant sewing the "star and sickle into the flag. If you don't want your political parties to be named, write to them and tell them you do not suppo their actions both fascist and communist. If you can't do that, then don't complain when others point out actions that anyone with a little knowledge of political history and philosophy can clearly see

  20. I want Washington to commit to 200 more years of FREEDOM! No exceptions!

  21. Liberal Louie:

    Let's just say for the sake of argument that the Pineapple Princess DID see protesters with swastikas. SO WHAT??? They're exercising their free speech under what is the First Amendment. You know...that thing that liberals invoke when THEY do shoutdowns but want to quell with conservatives. Any swastika signs was sending the message that we KNOW that what is going on here is a march toward fascism. Oh...did you know that the term "Nazi" referred to the "National Socialist Party?" Just a little FYI.

    With regards to Rush comparing Daddy O to Hitler, where would he be wrong? Hitler had his brown shirts reporting dissenters, and the White House is now asking people to turn in their neighbors. I have no worries because you would probably never disagree with anything that Obamarx wants to do.

    Hitler wanted to weed out the "undesirables" among the German people. BHO wants to start with "end-of-life counseling" to make sure that only "productive" citizens remain. Mark my wouldn't be long after that that a newborn with serious health issues would have care withheld because it would be too much of a burden on the system and they probably wouldn't be a productive member of society. Or maybe they'd just go China's route and kill it.

    I'm sure that everything we're hearing from the White House was once said to Germans wanting "hope and change."

  22. Looks as if louie doesn't remember Hitler and Benito Mussolini. Do you know what a “fasc” is? It’s a stick. That’s right. “Fasc” is, from the Latin, stick. Translated into German, stick. If you’re a fascist, you use a stick. You beat people to get your way. You don’t yell at them. You don’t plead with them. You don’t bargain for your liberty. You take a club out, and you beat the living billy snot out of them. Look it up. Fasc. Stick. Beat. Violence. There’s no violence here. “Ooh, these unruly mobs are violent.”
    Kinda unlike the Black Panther party,Louie.


    Here are some pics of the swastika toting "mob" who were likely supplied the posters by Rush and other's in right-wing media. Seems to me that in today's political turmoil we should let emotions do the talking, not the past, which is based on silly facts. Can we repeal the 22nd amendment yet? Chairman Maobama for life!

  24. So much hate such little time. I am reading this and wondering what you did with your time when Bush was in office. Did he not resign over the start of this economic decline, did he not lie us into a war, but I know....we have facts from Fox and others that will support birthers, anti christ, communist, facists, nazis...seems every day Obama is another arch enemy. We gave Bush 8 years and we give Obama 8 months before we call on his manhood. I feel sorry for you all. You are gonna get sick with all this pure hate in your blood. It will kill you.

    My heart is heavy because I know what the outcome is very likely to be with mob think...our presidents life is in danger and I am afraid that many of the conservative right pray for it every day. I pray that he is protected from you all and that your heart does not turn to stone and cause you all to die prematurely. Hope over hate any day.

  25. @ Liberal Louie respondants - Nice work guys, I think we all sound best when engaged in a good argument. Sometimes I wish I had more liberals here that could strike up a good argument. It would help us all in our intellectual street fights......

    @ Pat Smith - Sir or Maam, I am not hateful, I am fearful for my country. I felt the same fear under GWB. Although I did not have a blog during his presidency, you would have heard the same opinions, concern, fear and rhetoric coming from me. Obama has done nothing more than take the cronyism, chicanery, statism, earmarked special interest, constitution shredding to the ultimate level. Bush laid the groundwork for what he is doing. I am not going to get sick, in fact I am going to rejoice and dance in the street when my country is taken back.

    Take your pick of socialist, despotic hell-holes to live in, I just don't want it here. I want freedom, capitalism, low taxes and don't tread on me

    Our presiden't life is not in danger and that is prepostorous for you to claim that, I in no way whatsoever condone anything but peaceful democratic measures.

    It is shocking to me that someone could write these things here in relation to a post on Pelosi hinting at protesters as being nazis. She is third in line to the presidency and rhetoric like that from a high official is off the charts.

    BTW as well, I loathe the term 'hate' as it is a form of Leftist censorship that you all use to try to silence us. It won't work here.

    That is all.

  26. WOW Pat Smith, you amaze me with your wisdom. Just knowing that all who oppose Obama is a racist who wishes death upon the leader of the FREE world.
    I would love to repeat Col. Jessup's(Jack Nicholson) speech in 'A Few Good Men' to you but it wouldn't do any good. Much like this retort to your comment, we are dividing ourselves, you will not see our side of the issues and we will not conform to yours.
    See, I get up in the mornings to drive 2 hrs. to do 8 hr. day then return 2 hrs. home. just to pay someone else's way. Do I hate the ones that do non-profit work(gov. subsidized which means tax payer)-- no(yes, I read your profile), it is their politics that I dislike. I don't need nor want your pity.
    You buy into the PMSNBC, GE scripted goose step.
    If married, you live off the back of someone else, if single you live off the government dime.
    Back to the FREE world thing, my news comes from history and the teachings it has brought to us (knowledge). Read Engels and Marx Communist Manifesto, Rules for Radicals, Liberal Fascism, then tell me that my 12 yrs. service in boots to my country and the sworn oath to defend the constitution against enemies foreign and domestic was filled with hate.I served under Rep. and Dem..
    Both parties are taking this country to a centralized government, the Rep. seems to be be doing it at a much slower pace. Tho flawed it is still the greatest in the world. I can not say that you may beleive the same, if wrong then accept my apology. I invite you to read my blog and see for yourself, I want my country back, FREE of politicain's strangle hold on that very freedom that we citizens sleep under and they too have sworn an oath to defend. They could at least read the constitution and the bills they choke us with.

    To all LCR's readers, this is why I usually restrain from the comment section. I believe in the freedom of choice, if I don't like what I see, read, hear or being fed, I use that right and turn it off. Sharky

  27. She is NOT comparing every dissenter at the meetings to Nazis. I don't actually see how you can twist that from what she says. She is referring to the few people who ARE bringing signs with swastikas on them to these debates. A debate on health care is not a place for swastikas. If you don't believe that people had such signs, refer to the link Kyle put up which has proof.

  28. I can't wait till she gets booted out of office. Clearly this is a woman whom reality walked out on a long time ago.

  29. What kind of rebel are you, LCR? The cool kind... or the kind who refers to himself as a rebel? You cannot be both.

  30. It's really a shame that San Fran Nan can't handle it now that her party has the floor. To resort to name calling (here's a quick fact Nancy 42% of America voted for the other party) when she complained non-stop about the previous administration (and still does) is really two-faced of her. We went from "protesters need to be heard" to "protesters need to be quiet"... and the only difference is the name on the mailbox at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave...

  31. @ Anonymous - I beg to differ, nice link....

    @ Red - Me too!

    @ Anonymous - A rebel of socialism and anything statist.

    @ nwqsooners - Great points, thanks for reading!


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