Beer Summit, My Take

Arrogance, narcisism, hypocrisy, media-peddling. The racist, white cop helping the physically-challenged Gates. I have avoided this entire affair, this picture to me is the summation of the story. The externalities are meaningless, the truth comes to light.


  1. Being a cop is a calling. Not unlike being a pastor. They are dedicated to keeping people safe.

    One would think that being the President would be the same type of calling. But more often that not they are serving no one but their own version of what the world should be. This is especially true of this one. All Presidents are arrogrant. That is a given. You cannot think that you can do the job without being so. But his version of what this country should be is very scary; more and more people are being woken up to that fact.

    What I find so odd about this picture is that it is the official white house one. Didn't anyone in this administration realize that something was wrong with this behaviour? That is what I find so distrubing. Not one person realized that this picture says volumes of who Obama really is. I was taught my true character is judged on how I treat others who are smaller and weaker than I am. I hope that is something that I am passing onto others.

  2. I've been rather uninterested in this issue as well. Aside from all the racial bickering, I was tired of this issue because it was another instance of the president injecting himself into a local issue. There will undoubtedly be more instances of presidential intervention to come.

  3. Do you remember the scripture... to speak against Obama’s ideas is blasphemy. To question or point our anything he says is racism. His middle name is off limits and cannot be uttered. The statements of his wife, are forbidden to be analyzed. We may not discuss Obama’s mother, father, his 20 years in Jeremiah Wright’s church, his criminal and terrorist associates, his lack of patriotism, what he wrote in his books, what he said yesterday. Not even the Pope in Rome is afforded such insulation. But as Obama becomes the Vicar of Marx, I suppose looking at the histories of Communist and Socialist nations – blasphemy against the State and it’s Annointed is unwise

  4. Not much to talk about here, nor do I want to. I would point out, as you have; it showed the true character of the police officer. He assisted the gimp while the president, a longtime friend, ignored the whole thing.

  5. My take was cold beer bottle over Obama's head in front of media for all to see. 2 or 3 more if secret service gave me enough time. Why not drink the beers you ask? Because a cold (dense) full beer bottle does far more damage than a warm empty one.
    I have recently been on the wrong side of police harassment for being a known 912/tea party supporter. What was done to me was out of line. This officer did everything by the book. All the jerk professor had to do was show an I.D. and it would have been over. The cops actions were commendable in this situation. However in my recent interaction with the police, I made that professor look like Wally Cleaver and yet the cop would not call in backup. Cops here use 3 cars if they pull over little old ladies, yet this cop would call his friends in at all. Stories are starting to pop up locally here and around the country about tea party supporters being harassed.
    To read another such story in another state go here: it is a cool blog with a cool truck too.

  6. How do I know it was because I am a 912/Tea Party supporter? Well, lets just say I have friends on the inside that have "warned me".

  7. Yeah, I get the photo too. It's typical narcisstic "Oh, look, a camera" Mr. Obuma. I have many cops that are friends. If Gates had shown his I.D. this would have been a dead issue. Period.

  8. I expect NO decency from the Muzzlim in the WH..nonewhatsoever!...the pic says it all my friend.:)

  9. The really sad part is he doesn't even make a decent muslim. At least real Muslims have some perverted sort of belief system. Obama doesn't even have that. He is just an empty suit with handlers deciding his every move and every word.

  10. @ cons girl - great points, police officers should be held at the highest regard. They put their lives at stake to protect our and our property.

    @ Carl - We think alike, I just put my little 2 cents in and that will be all with this 'story'

    @ Sarcastic Opinion - Yep, yes, 100% true. Thanks for reading.

    @ Blue - Exactly, like I said I have avoided this topic but this

    @ Andrew - Is that the blog of the trucker pic you guys had up? I like it.

    @ Sparky - Exactly

    @ WomanHonor - Doesn't it? A picture is worth a million words.


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