Obamanation-Napoleon, Waterloo-Blowup

By the Left Coast Rebel

Blogging may be a bit sporadic in the next few weeks. Fear not though dear reader, I plan on putting up guest posts and some of my own material. I may lag a bit on the grandiose, expansive pieces as they take up to 3-4 hours - I simply do not have the time. I've come into some business, a shocking rarity under Obamanomics and will be gone on and off. I will check in evenings and keep the content here at the Left Coast Rebel flowing. Fear not!

Today during my 2 hour commute across San Diego from North County to South County, there and back, I had some time to tune into the local a.m. conservative talk shows. Barbie Boxer was highlighted this morning in her brilliant, ubiquitous moronity. The local guy here Rick Roberts, (great show), was just skewering her.

The real meat and potatoes of the discussion though took place whilst the drive home. Health care of course and the now or never MO of the Dems and the administration took center-stage. The big-hit was Senator DeMint on Michael Medved's show. Typically I don't care for Medved as he seems neo-conish to me at many times - he went as far as touting the Amnesty Bill in 2007. That was the surest way to get jettisoned off of my conservative radio fan list. I still check in from time to time.

Anyway back to DeMint on the show. Are you aware of his conservative credentials? Is he a true conservative? I'd like to know if he was on-board during Bush's big-spending years. I don't recall him standing against Bush socialism as others, (Coburn, etc), did.

I loved what he said today regardless. He was pounding the table on Obamacare and saying that 'we' in the grassroots could turn Obamacare into the Obamanation version of Waterloo.

Familiar with Waterloo? Well turn your history books back to 1815...... a vicious battle was ensuing between French Forces under Napoleon Bonaparte, (@ right), and the Seventh Coalition , ( British, Prussian armies). Needless to say, the battle lay waste to Napoleon's army - he lost some 25,000 men and 8,000 were taken prisoner. It finished him, his empire, and his reign. The brave little general had bet the whole farm, the entire enchilada on the Waterloo event and it destroyed him. He hadn't measured the opposition realistically. He had been arrogant, not judging the strength of those against. His pride, lust for power and maniacal push crushed him.

Today America has it's own Brave Little Fearless Leader, (@ left). On the menu today; every day since inauguration, has not been military insurrections but rather battles in the realm of ideas. A massive change in the very nature of our government; a further dissolution of the sacred liberties bestowed upon us by our Creator. A broad and expansive curtailing of the freedoms that make us unique in the world as Americans. A collectivization of individual uniqueness. A watering-down, a hidden revolution, a malaise of spirit and economy.

Nothing to our Brave and Fearless Little Leader is more sacred and important than a Federal takeover of our health care industry.

  • It's money - 17% of our GDP.

  • It's power - the very reins over life and death.

  • It's forever - an entitlement of near impossibility to roll back

It's antithetical to the Constitution and individual freedom. It rewards malfeasance and illegitimate behaviours. It encourages and promotes all that is wrong. Americans sense the disaster-in-the-making. They sense here that something is amiss, that our brave little fearless leader is pushing something evil upon us. They sense that something just isn't right. For the media-annointed Chosen-One, it is most unbecoming of Him, ( and showing nary similarity to Bonapart's persona), to strike at the few voices of dissent as well here.

And all of these things add up to the Waterloo moment that anyone amongst us that cherishes liberty over command hopes fervently for. Time will tell, our voices of the underground in the blogosphere may push this Little Wannabe Fearless Napoleon Lite into the battle that he will never recover from......

Please America, say it is so.


  1. It's the stimulus that is killing him. I think Obama does want to socialize the country, but I think he's also not experienced and competent to run any facet of our economy. Hence, his stimulus was a disaster and his health care plan looks like a disaster and cap and trade looks like a disaster. I think giving Obama Napoleon status is actually overrating him to a degree. He's far more like Santa Ana, aka the Napoleon of the West.

  2. LCR - Need some help from you and readers. Speaking of DeMint, I am going to a fundraiser with him on Wednesday night. I am looking for some suggestions on questions to ask. The entire list of who is scheduled to attend is on my blog (address on blog roll for those who don't know) Michele Bachman will be there. SOO excited to meet her. I am going to talk to her about ACORN; what else?

  3. @ Cgen - I see your point in that he hasn't earned the Napoleon monicker, perhaps it is more of a Napoleon-envy complex, everything that he has touched is a disaster - Napoleon conquered many nations before he fell....

  4. @ cons girl - Cool! I am jealous, will you get the opp to ask questions of DeMint and Bachmann? I think that my main question would be along the lines of 'what we in the grassroots can do' to stop the socialism grab that we are seeing now....

  5. LCR,

    Actually, Santa Ana had Napoleon envy. So the allusion works here.

  6. LCR -- 1st, sorry it's been awhile. Been busy with bizzness meself, which leads to the 2nd, GOOD LUCK with your endeavor.
    C/gen -- I do not think that you're giving Obama due credit. He, and the only promise he's kept, has and is changing/remaking America. Marx and Mao were children compared to Obama. Linski's "rules for radicals"
    C/girl -- Congrats, I would ask if his version of "grassroots" is still the rep/dem centralist government or a true Conservative pull to the Constitution. And will he and the new repubs (2010), press repealment of the damage done by the current treasonist lib/dems. Of course this may be the only questions you'll be able to ask. Stand tall and firm and make us proud. Again CONGRATS. Sharky -- out

  7. fabulous piece!..hurry back to the blogoshphere dude!:)..and congrads!:)

  8. I just read DeMint's book Saving Freedom - We Can Stop America's Slide Into Socialism and it was pretty hard hitting.

    I haven't had time to look up his voting record but he seems pretty darn sincere...

    Congrats on the extra work

  9. Very nice post. Congrats on having so much work to do. I'm not surprised they want you. Your competence shines forth from your blog.

    JACG, congrats on the exciting event coming up. I would ask them what is the most effective strategy for us constituents. What is it we do that really makes them, as legislators, sit up and take notice. Tea parties, faxes, emails, phone calls. What.

  10. DeMint is the real deal. You can follow him on Twitter. He's pretty active there.

  11. Business-good for you---also glad that you are going to still blog a bit...
    This post is a great parallel between nb and bho...

  12. I don't much care for Medved myself, although I would classify him as far more than "neoconnish," which is an entirely different topic.

    My opinion of Medved was only exacerbated after the Holocaust museum shooting when he tried to link anti-Semites with Ron Paul in one of the worst smears and guilty-by-association schemes I've seen in quite awhile: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4IBOd8iueU

    I don't follow Jim DeMint too much, but through process of elimination, he is the South Carolina senator who I most prefer. What I can say is that I am impressed with the way he has championed "Audit the Fed" in the Senate. That alone should be enough for me to start looking at his record more. Great piece.

  13. I was of two minds on this comment.

    One, I think he is right with the exception that Obama has a lot of "Waterloo" moments lurking out their.

    On the other hand, I thought it was kind of a silly comment to make in that it made the GOP look hyperpartisan and is giving Obama an out.

    The GOP needs to stand on the side of protecting the public, comments like this make it look like they are only out to get Obama.

  14. Excellent article. What so many people don't seem to realize (or want to know) is that our Brave Little Fearless Leader's desire is to DESTROY America and our economy, then remake it (he uses that phrase a lot, you know) into his graven image.

  15. First time I've visited your blog and I really like it. May I suggest an excellent book by Judge Andrew Napolitano, "The Constitution In Exile". A study in how our liberties have been destroyed by positivists and socialists. Keep up the good work.

  16. @ Landshark - Nice to see you back, glad that you have some bizzness too, we are lucky

    @ Womanhonorthyself - thanks!

    @ Adrienne - Is the book worth reading? He was hawking that on the radio as well....

    @ Opus - thanks for the compliments!

    @ Rightklik - I'll head over to Twitter and do that.

    @ christian soldier - I appreciate your readership!

    @ Carl - thanks for the link, my opinion of Medved just dropped to a crater new-low.

    @ Chuck - I agree, actually.

    @ Sparky - I agree, you are 100% correct.

    @ Wiregrass Steve - Thanks for reading, I am going to put that book on my wish list, others have rec'd it to me. I love Napolitano, a true liberty hero.


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