Obamanation Asset Nationalization

This picture @ left was taken at the G8 Summit recently. A picture is worth a thousand words, a thousand assets in this case. This thing is all over the right blogosphere but I will offer up a unique spin, my take anyhow -

Possible verbiage of the encounter of the young lady, the Obamanation, Sarkozy, Obamanation in bold -

  • O - "Uhhh, yahh, uhh, hmm....I wasn't aware of yet another upside to France's short work week, entitlement system and cradle to grave mentality.....the ladies have more time to work out...."

  • Sarkozy - I see, very round.... nicely shapen, reminds me of the first 3 wives..... Ecouter....

  • O - "Uhhh, yahhh, uhhh, Rahm, where are you? Totus? Can we turn this into a crisis? Maybe you could trip her? Totus? Totus? Totus? Rahmie?

Other possible scenarios of what was said dear reader?

This from Andrew at Kook's Manifesto -

O - "Now that's a stimulus package".

Sarkozy - "You like? I can introduce if you can make...how you say...financial arrangements."

O - "Just how much are we talkin"???

Sarkozy - "500Euros, or 25,000U.S".

O - "25,000U.S.??? Why so much?"

Sarkozy - "You print money like it's water. So much here. We use for toilet paper now. You want, I set up shopping trip for wife, you buy her maybe $5,000 purse, You get sexy time while wifey away. Maybe, you make some global warming"

O - "$30,000....I guess the taxpayers won't mind, after all, I spend more than that every 3 minutes anyways. $30,000 for an hour is a bargain to the morons that voted for me, right?"

Drumroll for the best quote for the pic..........."International Leaders agree on key features in hindsight."

Now that is funny!


  1. I was really hoping my little game idea would spread. When I saw that pic, I wondered what were saying to each other. The next thought that came to mind was I'll ask the bloggers. This was worth a million laughs over on KOOK's blog. I hope your readers enjoy doing this as much as I did.

  2. By far the best one so far was this one from Lynnae

    "International Leaders agree on key features in hindsight."

  3. What I find most interesting is that the very first time I saw this joker, I thought he was gay, I still think he was gay, and I cannot for the life of me think why he would be doing this unless he likes both sides of the aisle.

    Google: Donald Young

  4. Here's another one I had in mind earlier:

    Obama:"Ooh, I know I'm gettin me some of that later since my mad cow desease carryin' gorilla faced wife is goin' shoppin'! Mannn...and I gots me a whole bottle of viagra too??? I'll show this one how I pimped out air force one with 50 inch rims and redid the interior in wine velvet and satin. She'll look real nice on the stripper pole I had installed too. I'll have the second chef I added slip a roofie in her wine and then Press secretary Gibbs won't be a virgin no mo."

    Sarkozy (musing to himself) You mean he doesn't know she gave half my secret service crabs? I guess the CIA is as messed up as they say.

  5. Logistics Monster: Is it possible Obama is intentionally being seen doing this to make everyone think he is not gay? I mean that sasquatch he's married to would make about anyone gay.

  6. Alright guys... this is funny stuff, but... which one of you would not be checking out that can-can?

  7. I would if she were older, but not so obviously. They are beyond drooling and Obama looks like he is in a struggle of mammoth proportions with himself not to get a handfull. Then again, I am not married either.

  8. Ananda, the whole point of this was just to relax a bit and lighten things up. As frustrating as the times are that we live in, don't we all deserve a laugh every now and then? Since Obama is and will tax us so hard, can't we at least have a laugh at his expense?

  9. Heh. 'Bama might as well stay in Europe. He'll never again be safe in the same room with Michelle. If Michelle gives him the Bobbit Treatment, we'll have even more to snark about.

  10. I'm sure that those pulling Obama's strings will keep him safe until they do not need him anymore. I seriously doubt that Obama is in control of anything except what the White house chef cooks for dinner. Has anyone noticed that Obama has picked these "Czars" yet I cannot seem to remember a clear statement on who they answer to? The media talked about who he has picked, and what for what but I do not remember any specific statement as to whethere they answer to Obama or Immanuel or maybe even George Soros who controls Obama's teleprompter.

  11. Andrew33-- Not to worry, I was laughing. The term "can-can" was a joke. I enjoy playing with words. No offense was intended. I am sure that all the guys here are fine men, not perverts. I rather count on that actually.

    And like-wise, I am not offended by your response. We all need to lighten up some days.

  12. Ananda, I glad, I usually go out of my way not to be offensive and I treat women with respect. It is the liberal loons like Obama that do not.

  13. Have you guys seen the video yet? He wasn't looking at the girl's butt. But most of the comments were funny.
    have a good night all.

  14. Red Meat for Red States!

    Thank God for blogs and posts like this. Our work continues.

    Come 2010 no more girly-men!

    I have written my Rep. Paul Ryan, who lives very near my house and whom I have met many times, urging him to put forth a second stimulus package. In it, we propose not spending a dime. we unchain the citizens of this country. Take away the regulations and punitive taxes from small business and show the world that it is the American people, and not it's government, that will pull the planet back from the brink.

  15. ha..what a tool he is! Have a blessed Sunday! :)

  16. Actually, he did look at her, look closely, As he helped one girl down, he looked in front of her at the one in the pink dress. That video has been cropped so that you don't see the whole thing. It is a very simple video editing trick.

  17. LCR, check these out. feel free to repost.
    Bankrupt America pt. 1 (the Fed)
    Bankrupt America (intro)

  18. Lol, that second scenario is written more like it's our favorite North Korean dictator speaking.

    Classic picture.

  19. @ Andrew - The international leaders line was simply the best

    @ Inno - great point

    @ Cons Girl - I did watch the video and it seem you are right, the picture is soooo funny though

    @ Eman - thanks for reading, this post was just a rare bit of comic relief

    @ WomanHonorThyelf - Yep

    @ Kris - Indeed

  20. The international leaders was from Lynnae. I almost changed the title of the post to that. I'm glad you folks got a good laugh. I did too.


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