Obama Cult or Non?

By the Left Coast Rebel

Hat-tip to Cato @ Liberty , blogger Gene Healy here snapped this pic of an actual, honest to goodness, My Obama Shop in D.C.'s Union Station. I kid you not, an Obama Shop. On sale are items and goodies, hats and apparel, talismans and tchotchkes as Healy puts it. All an ode and tribute, beyond a wink, more than a nod - to cultishness; a chilling reminder that we are up against tough odds with the Obamanation. Who amongst us can argue logic and fact against hordes of hoodwinked cultic-dronish followers?

The Cato blogger also mentions here that the D.C. Metro dispenses metrocards, (@ right), with the Obamanation's grinning visage on display. Eerily reminiscent of a cross between the Oprah Winfrey show and 1984. Was Reagan's face ever plastered onto a metrocard? Did he ever have a mall store in his honor? How many amongst us are drinking this man's cyanide-laced grape flavored Flavor-Aid?


  1. "And the image of the beast shall be everywhere..."

  2. Yes, DC is Obamacized. I know, I live here. There have always been places to buy things and get your pictures taken with cutouts of whomever is in office, but this is more than in the past.
    DC and the surrounding burbs are very liberal. But we are starting to see some cracks. The Washington Post did a commentary today on how the government is growing too big too fast. The Post in not exactly a bastion of conservative thought. When Levin had a local book signing (he lives near here) the place was packed. I waited three hours and had to leave without the book because I had to go to work. So there is hope. It is coming in dribs and drabs.

  3. Shudder! My hubby went on a trip and said he brought back a 'suprise' for me. It was a tin of Obama mints. Not Funny. Dude, if your gonna joke like that there'd better be a real present waiting in the wings.

  4. I hope if cap and trade passes (I hope it fails in the Senate) this is the first business it puts out of business.

  5. Just when you think you've seen everything....

    Sometimes, there are really just no words.

  6. I was in Borders buying kids books and found some already on Obama. It's all way overdone.

  7. When I pass this to my conservative friends -they will...you can guess...

  8. tax increases will shut them down quickly

  9. We were just there a week ago and walked through one of these wretched Obama shops. It was near the Metro station at the National Arhives. Un frikkin real the amount of Obama crap for sale all over that city!

  10. I'm so sick of looking at his ugly mug everywhere. I wouldn't have a piece of this crap anywhere near me if you paid me.
    I don't know how normal people in DC can stand it.
    blackandgoldfan said...
    "And the image of the beast shall be everywhere..." THIS IS PERFECT QUOTE! AMEN!

  11. Hi there, LCR. Just checking a small point - "cult" and "cultishness" are both slight misprints, right?

  12. I went through Union Station twice last month and laughed at this. What a joke. Needless to say there wasn't much traffic in the store.

  13. @ blackandgold - aptly put

    @ consgirl - I forgot that you live in DC. Interesting that you see 'greenshoots' of the tide changing

    @ FitJane - Haha, wow, I would consider that an insult, not a gift!

    @ BungBill - Me too

    @ Goddess - Indeed

    @ Consgen - I've seen the same, ridiculous and way overdone

    @ christian soldier - C C-S?

    @ Andrew - that sure would be ironic, wouldn't it?

    @ Jingoist - you've seen it with your own eyes? What do you want to bet all of the crap merchandise is made in China?

    @ Bunni - Me too, the sight of him makes me ill, I don't think that he is a great speaker, I really don't!

    @ Spider - Indeed, I'm just bending a few words here and there, cult and cultishness aren't gramatically correct, I liked how it sounded

    @ Larry Walker - As Andrew said, hopefully they will go out of business due to tax increases!

  14. good grief dude!..*shakes head -- help! :)

  15. This is Hitler revisited, alot of us where only old enough to read this in the History Books. I have gone to police week for a good part of 20 years, after the "lawn ceremony" we would head over to Union Station and hit a restaurant in there. Drink eat and be merry.................B Smith's is the name of the joint, owned by a black woman that has many restaurants and even a linen line...........Great food, great people working in her restaurant................

    I won't go back their next year, because it has this store. This makes me sick................. After Reagan died, some stuff popped up here and there about him, his memorabilia, movies, pictures, etc..................But his is DISGUSTING.......................

    Obambi is a policitcal Chicago HACK............. Did you know that Mike DITKA (Chicago Bears coach) was going to run for that seat in Senate??????? I know this because I bought Diana Ditka's Mercedes..................... Basically they were told to shut it down.............. I wonder why?????? Master plan for Obambi????? I think so.......... Chicago Politics at it's best...........Crooked, corrupt and dirty, that is what we have as a President.

    God Save America.

  16. This Obama-Worship-Syndrome reminds me of the Kim family in North Korea. They want a cult like following as they have in N. Korea. Will there be a "no motherland without you" song for Obama as they have in N. Korea for Kim Jong Il?

  17. LCR you and I are thinking alike. I just did a blog called "The Obama Cult" last week demonstrating (using some personal experiences I rather not relive) and how the current politial and media states are falling into place in the definition and mindset. I also know my history about cults and when they end they're not good. If they grow, it's not good either.

    A few notes, if Cap and Trade passes, Obama suppoters will be granted immunity or previledges as cults tend to do for their own (just look at Islamic nations for a prime example since Islam is a death cult). This business and others like it will become tax exempt and credit exempt.

    As for the goods, I would bet they're made in Kenya or indonasia, not China. This is an Obama shop and he's from Kenya and educated in Indonasia, not China.

    As for the mints, I would throw them at my spouse and divorce her (she knows better).

    These are dark and scary times we live in. Mao's Cultural revolution and Po Pot's war against intelligence started this way.

  18. Well of course it's a cult or at least, of course it looks like a cult!

    These people have thrown the biggest charade in the history of the world! America manages to be the greatest country in the world by being the most dynamics, the most successful, the strongest and yet: we have all been effectively duped during our time of greatest need.

    A small group of far left fanatics have fed off a naivety that has enabled America to stay so young and carefree – yet naivety that has enabled such a laughable imposter into our country’s vigorously majestic office through mere repetition of a helplessly transparent motto of ‘Yes We Can.’

    If they can accomplish all of that, why not buy a little celebratory plate? A little mug for water? They just got a jackpot bigger than any Vegas Casino could ever hope to pay out, the least they can do is rub it in our faces.

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  20. Sorry, LCR, it's that British sense of humour for you - what I was getting at is that perhaps the "L's" should, in fact, be "N's"!

  21. @ Woman honor thyself - I don't even know what to think either

    @ Cpd - I did know that Ditka at one point was going to run against Obama.....chicago thuggery is exactly right!

    @ Casey Brown - I agree

    @ Madmath - What can I say? I agree completely with you, while America sleeps.....

    @ Ramblings - I agree, where is my damn plate to commemorate the destruction of our freedoms and way of life?

    @ Spider - Ahh, well done sir, I agree


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