Businesses Aren't Fleeing CA - Egghead Condor-Vultures

By the Left Coast Rebel

One of the most frustrating things for me as a citizen journalist is the confrontation, (daily), of eggheads and so-called experts that defy common sense. Nothing in the intelligentsia is off-bounds, no motive, no premise, no absurdity. Do you know what I mean?

Today I wandered over to Yahoo Finance to check on the market and investments, wow I thought, stocks are showing a little resilience here, hmm.....scanning news, headlines, companies, I see a headline -

Budget Crisis "Embarrassing," But Businesses Aren't Fleeing California, Economist Says

Really. He really thinks this, this Mr Stephen Levy of the Center for the Continuing Study of the California Economy. I scan the website, finding ambiguous reports and studies, etc. I do find that some liberal groups have given financial support to the group CCSCE. Follow the money. Any and every massive fallacious absurdity and misconception has a long money trail associated.

Knowing the opposite to be true, that businesses and individuals are fleeing the once-Golden State, I pull up mountains of empirical data. I am not an egghead, I don't have an axe to grind, a Public Policy propaganda arm to push. Exhibit a. -residents are leaving in droves here.

American Thinker here. Several states are pushing programs to entice CA emigrants. Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon and Utah. California or Bust, Californian and Busted. Pointy-headed useful-idiot egghead busted.

California state government largess creating a meltdown of unforeseen proportions. State issuing IOUs to workers, people on programs, contractors, state workers, folks doing business with the state, etc in lieu of cash here, here, here. Sounds great for business! Empirical data again, egghead busted again.

Hmm, it seems that some of the big banks are leery of accepting California IOU's here. Common sense comes into play again, bankers have no faith in the state. Why then would businesses and individuals? I don't need a pointy-headed academic to tell me otherwise. Common sense, living within one's means, Main Street to State Street, cause and effect cannot be escaped. Egghead nay.

State serf-rulers, pols and media blame our woes on low taxes here. Yes, you read that right, low taxes. A simple defiance of reality even in our age of stupidity. They deserve this place. Read this here from a State Assemblywoman. She deserves this state. She deserves Cuba, Castro, Chavez, Venezuela.

State coffers are still bleeding after rearranging the chairs on the decks of the Titanic here, tax revenue down some 40% from a year or so ago. A California Condor has been spotted, shrieking, it's vulturous squawk heard miles away.....we need to cut waste, squawk! squawk!.....Too little, too late Governor California Condor. There is but a corpse of the state for you and Sacramento vultures to nibble on. Where does the state get revenue? Yet another egghead is heard saying 'everything is just fine and dandy'! Where can I find this mystical, mythical business that we can squeeze tax dollars from?

.......*crickets chirping in abandoned warehouses*.......

Businesses, production and producers provide tax revenue. Yet they aren't leaving the state? Eggheads pecking at the corpse of a once prosperous state.

How does a state that is so desperately in the hole find new ways to raise taxes, find revenue as the pols say in Taxamento? We should tap into the bounty of nature, tax a certain oddly shaped, uniquely-smelling plant, (when smoked). Yes, the hair of the dog, ganja, pot, weed, dope. And what a case of dope indeed, pols, bureaucrats, media-types are calling for the legalization of marijuana in the state to cure our fiscal woes, here and here.

America I am your clarion call of emergency and warning. I am calling on the danger that you are amidst. I am pleading for you to listen. I am asking you to rise up against this Obamanation and the equivalents on all Federal levels.

They are pushing the disaster that is California, on you America, on the road to serfdom.


  1. The sad part about California, for me (as a current resident), is that I'm virtually certain that I will leave California in the next few years in search of a place less destructive to my way of life. By that, I mean a place which doesn't actively discourage business and productions, doesn't tax its workers obscenely, and doesn't have a budgetary disaster caused by ridiculous of-of-control spending and Obamanation-style liberal politics. The sad part is not that I'm leaving (statistically I will be replaced by 2+ other people, likely here illegally, so the state won't miss me), but rather that I have no hope in affecting any change whatsoever in the state's situation, and thus that has no consideration.

    Maybe I'm being overly idealistic, but it seems like it wasn't too long ago (or too far removed from our current state) when the idea in America was that the country, and states, had governments of the people, for the people. It seems almost fanciful, now, to think that the people who are miserable under an obviously failed and dysfunctional government could act to change the goings-on of the "ruling class" operating far away, in some legislative theater for our "amusement". The idea that people have other options for determining their government, other than to move to under another established government system, seems so foreign now (especially in light of the socialist take-over of the Obamanation), that it might as well be a fairy tale about the magical land of "far far away".

    America's concept of Democracy is broken, and that's the real sad part about California's canary death throes.

  2. I'm here now, LCR. I was watching the local San Fran news and it was sickening to see all of the "new jobs" being created with the state IOUs. Meanwhile, this once beautiful part of the state is beginning to whither....

  3. The shame of what is happening in California is that with it's natural resources, and huge tourist industry, California should be rich beyond it's wildest dreams. One big problem for you is that rainfall in California seems to go in 20-30 year cycles and you came out of a wet cycle several years ago, yet the environmentalists would not allow any sort of rainwater collection system to prepare for this. Climatologists have suspected this was coming since the early '90s but warnings fell on deaf ears. This has nothing to do with "global warming" but is believed to be influenced by cyclical cooling of the Pacific Ocean known as "PDO". So not only do you have financial problems, but the only solution I see to your water problems is massive "reverse osmosis" desalinization. That would probably cost 2 or 3 years entire budget to pay for if you could find an engineering firm willing to try. Building the facilities would be easy, it's all the permits and basic crap you have to do to work out there that scares such folks away. On top of that, environmentalists have set up the "perfect storm" for fires as when you were getting more rain, thinning of forests was banned. Now you live in a "tinderbox". The good news on that issue is that you may get a brief reprieve from your drought this year, but the long term outlook is very bad. Maybe this is what people need to wake up and become Americans again. The rest of the country is not far behind you financially, they just don't realize it yet.

  4. Here in Pennsylvania, we're right on track to be the next California. High taxes, a tax-and-spend government, and high unemployment are the keystones of this state.

    Did anyone in Sacramento think to quit giving benefits to illegal immigrants to help save money? Just an idea.

    No offense, but since Silicon Valley made my sister-in-law into a bleeding heart lefty (she was normal before the move), we've called California "The Land of Fruits and Nuts".

  5. @ Nick - I couldn't have said it better myself. And these morons that live here don't even see it.

    @ Blue - Glad you made it out here! San Fran reminds me of Europe - a beautiful city, horrible leftist politics and incredibly expensive.

    @ Andrew - I agree. This state was once the place to come for the middle class in search of a better life. Look what the Left has done to it. Obamama wants the same.

  6. @ blackandgold - Did you mean Silcone Valley? :). I know what you mean, it surround me everywhere here, it is pathetic. Mao could get elected in this state. Lenin could get elected in the Bay Area. I feel bad for PA, I have family that moved from there to VA to escape high property taxes. They LOVE VA, it's probably where I will end up when current personal issues resolve.

  7. LCR: My Limbaugh baby is moving there in the spring after graduating from college. As a mom, I'm having a REAL hard time with that, but I realize that the opportunity for him to succeed is greater there. At least I'll have a reason to take frequent vacations there!!!

  8. VA has very high taxes too. Tennessee is much better. Florida even better and property here is dirt cheap now (if you can handle a little humidity, Stormy summers and an occasional hurricane)

  9. They blame it on low taxes? The left must think you are realm of the UK. Your taxes are one of the highest in the nation. Let's try stupidity as the cause. As in you are stupid enough to think it's low taxes.

  10. The businesses have been on the run for many years. So many have already been chased off that I can see how one might look at a small sample and claim that businesses are not fleeing. Statistics can often be manipulated to fit the theory.

  11. @ blackandgold - VA has a great economy, we'll see if I end up in his backyard too!

    @ Andrew - VA is still in the top 10 best states for taxes and regulation....Tenn is better though

    @ Consgen - yes they do, egghead idiocy gone wild

    @ opus - Wow, I see your point. Most business has left the state, therefore business is not fleeing the state. Now that makes sense in an egghead liberal world.

  12. LCR, when you get to Virginia, scope out a nice neighborhood for me too. I have been dreaming of escaping this socialist hell-hole for some time now.

  13. @ Stogie - I'll do that, are you in CA?

  14. LCR, I live 90 miles south of San Francisco. I have lived in California most of my life.

    By the way, these are great Photoshops. Did you do them? I love the "Road to Serfdom" Photoshop. Do you mind if I use it and credit you?

  15. Boy, you said it better than I ever could. Let me give you some information on the inside taxes that people don't even know about from when I was a bookkeeper.

    These stupid experts state businesses aren't fleeing the state. I like to know why. California have the most punitive taxes against business in the WORLD! We have a ceiling of 10.3% on income. Add that with the 39.8% on the federal that's sure to be going up and that's over 50%. But wait, there's more. Unemployment is paid by employers and that can be between, the last time I saw the figures and I'm sure that's changed from 2 years ago, from 2 to 16 percent of a business payroll. Don't forget their share of the 6.85 percent of the Social Security that's already broke and the 1.45 percent of Medicaid. Workcomp insurance ranges from 5 up to 120 (that's over double) percent of the payroll of a business. Then there's the licensing fees just to be licensed to operate a business here. There's no benefit from it, it's just what is known as a revenue generator that ranges from another .4 up to $10,000 max based on a business revenue. Doesn't matter if they make a profit or not. Business, though they collect the sales taxes, are responsible for paying them and the pentalties and interests if they're not and the state has a way of changing the rules and not notifying until too late so as to collect extra fees. There have been times when they raise the rates on these hidden taxes, like unemployment, when the business hadn't laid anyone off and when asked why the increase on this business, and I'll remember the answer and how casual it was stated, "Because we need the money". Oh yea, I want to run a business here. Like I want a root canal without novocain because that's how painful it is. I hadn't gone over the federal hidden taxes either. The simple fact is business here are taxed to death and since Arnold's election, he hasn't brought one new business to California.

    Frankly, as I get ready for my studies in Engineering next semester, I'm starting to come to the conclusion this will be my last in California. The state is so badly broke, the CSU system is not taking applications for their next school year. NONE, ZERO, NADA, DON'T BOTHER! They can't afford to add any more students. So now that we're not educating anyone unless they're illegal or an affirmative action student, where are the businesses going to get their best and brightest needed to overcome the huge problems we're facing? It sure isn't going to be from California. I have to realized that UC is next and my chances of getting in their aeronautical program isn't going to be good. Even with my 4.0 (so far), the fact I'm white, American, and male with the cuts they're taking and the federal mandates with illegals and affirmative action isn't going to allow them room for me. Also, it's so expensive here, I've about to have enough. Unemployment is nearly 15% (if jobs aren't fleeing, why is unemployment 50% higher than the national average and rising?) and California has a hidden inflation with its cost of living which is so high and so bad. Those that are going to silcone valley, just a note. That place is so expensive and has such high taxes they can't hire firemen, policemen, or teachers there because their salaries are so low to the cost of living that many are living in their cars. Frankly, I'm hopeful Boeing will accept me as a trainee so I can get out of this hell hole of a state and enjoy the mountains and greenery of Washington and be a 5 to 6 hours drive to the hills of Idaho and Mountana. At least there, I would have some peace and quiet.

    Oh, on the emigration. California population is rising, but only because the white population is leaving and the hispanic's is skyrocketing from the illegals and MS-13 immigration. Welcome to Mexifornia. Now how can I get our of here? should be our new motto.

  16. I have been saying for years that we should have seeded California to Mexico the day Clinton got elected.

    I just did a post on KOOK's blog called "new civil rights movement" that is all about Affirmative Action and it's end result.

    Your motto should be "Will the last Caucasian leaving the state please grab the flag on your way out"?

  17. That "birdinator"pic is funny too, by the way.

  18. are a way better writer than I will ever be. Great post.

  19. Andrew, read your affirmative action, but for some reason, I can't leave comment on your site. Keep getting an error message. Add the obscene taxes and racism in this state. Racism my wife confirms (she's Filipino) and always from mainly blacks followed by hispanics. I'll be sure to take that flag with me as I leave, that's for sure, but I better not display it as not to be confused with the morons of this state.

  20. Love the Arnold - vulture!!
    Will be back to watch the Rand Paul videos..

  21. What worries me is that, since many trends start in California, your present is the entire nation's future, particularly with Obugger in charge.

    But, to stop me from worrying, I'm going to steal that birdinator.

  22. @ Stogie - You can use anything here that you want provided a link back

    @ Madmath - I agree 100%, Opus brought up a great point in that perhaps most jobs and businesses have left the state - probably why that moron economist can say what he did.

    @ KOOK - I disagree, I think you are a great writer too...

    @ - Christian Soldier - Thanks, be sure to support Rand if you can

    @ - Dr. Dave - I agree, use what you want here, with a link back!


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