The Turncoat 8 - The Enablers of Cap and Tax, Put Your Activist Caps On!

Chris Smith, New Jersey (202) 225-3765

Avidly anti abortion, voted in office in the early 1980s. Liberal to moderate on economic issues. Has voted consistently with Democrats since the House regained Democrat control on economic issues. I see here that he won reelection in 2008 66% to his Dem opponent 39%. 27 out of ten rating at Club for Growth. Up for reelection in 2010. Put on your activist caps, call his office, stop his reelection. Has strong Union voting record, NAACP, AFL-CIO, ACLU, Teamsters, here. Apparently very liberal, why the 'R'? Smoke him out. Great article here on why he is not remotely a free-market guy. Voting for the biggest tax increase in history, without reading the bill is not 'moderate', make this known. Make him feel the sting of unemployment like the rest of the country will from this nightmare bill. In the middle of a massive recession....

Dave Reichert, Washington (202) 225-7761
56 out of 100 at American Conservative Union here. Also affiliated with the AFL-CIO, Teamsters, ACLU, etc here. Won GOP nomination with 45% primary vote in 2004, won reelection in 2008 51% to 48%. Facing reelection in 2010, burn the phone lines. Make him go away. I'm reading that he is considered a 'moderate'. Again, voting for the biggest tax increase ever and not reading the bill is not moderate. It is Statist. Bye-bye.

Mary Bono Mack (CA) (202) 225-5330
In 2008 she was elected with 58% against her Dem rival. She assumed office in 1998 when Sonny Bono died. Married to staunch economic conservative Rep Connie Mack IV. I would hate to hear the dinner-table arguments between these two after her vote. Connie Mack voted nay. 74 rating from ACU here Ties to liberal groups too here. She was, at one point on the fence with Cap and Tax, all of her lines were busy yesterday. Which one of the Chicago thugs twisted her arm for a Yea vote? Axelrod? Emmanuel? Vote her out, call her office, bother her up to her primary. Let her go home and stay there in 2010.

Mike Castle, Deleware (202) 225-4165
Very liberal, had requested and received $82 million in pork in 2008 alone. I wonder where the bridge will be built in Delaware to reward his yes vote? 28 of 100 at the ACU. Bye-bye RINO. Call his office, call it every day. Tell them that it is not responsible to mortgage our future. It is certainly not Republican. Or is it? You make it happen. Attorney and politician. Send him back to his day job, his antics will be well received in the law community. They aren't in the GOP. Suffered two strokes during his 2006 campaign. Won over Dem rival by 23% points. Call his office above. Shock and awe. Inundate. He's fired in 2010.

Mark Kirk, Illinois (202)225-4385
Running for Senate, don't let it happen. Elected in 2001. Served in the Clinton Administration. Career pol and attorney. See a trend? Defeated Dem rival in 2008 by 8% points. 48 out of 100 at ACU. Porky $67 million for 2008. This is a big one folks. Running possibly for the Senate seat 2010 in Illinois. I don't think so. Hit his office daily. Pester, persecute (civically), bombard - shock and awe.

John McHugh, New York (202) 225-4611
Insurance Broker, government worker. Shocker. Voted for Stimulus, Bailouts, etc. Nominated for Army Secretary, if confirmed will vacate his seat. Read between the lines. Coming aboard the SS Obamanation, this must have been his last 'F' 'U' to the GOP. Moot point on harassing him since he is leaving. Or is it? Burn up the lines! Wipe that smirk off your face, you are shameful to your country.

Frank Lobiondo New Jersey (202) 225-6572
Who is this guy? "Hey, uh, yah....I' gonna breaka yuh kneecaps...." This guy is a republican? Wasn't he on the Sopranos? Are you kidding me? Elected in 1994, former trucking executive with small business roots. What happened? Against gay marriage, abortion, affirmative action. Part of Gingrich's Contract With America. What happened? At one point he had strong economic conservative leanings. 52 of 100 from ACU. Flush him out, he's the worst kind of pol, a turncoat that at one point was a Reagan conservative but the Washington culture has it's way with people......Melt the lines at his office, adios in 2010.

Leonard Lance, New Jersey (202) 225-5361
See the look on his face, he looks like a badly-aged Cabbage-Patch doll. Born into a political family. In 2008 he ran on a platform of fiscal conservatism, moderate social values, and environmentalism. Really? It's fiscally conservative to vote for the biggest tax increase ever and not read the bill? We'll see you at the poor-house with your constituents. Won his seat in 2008 51% to 41% but had a tougher fight in the primary. That's where he is vulnerable. I can't even find a cause for his support for the Cap and Tax bill, porky goodies perhaps? Well, he will have a short-lived congressional term. Out in 2010. Burn his office line.
Update I : Thanks to Smitty at TheOtherMcCain.blogspot, he specifically put up a post for this piece. Spread the word folks, link this post, send it to as many friends/family as possible.


  1. Is this the list for America's most wanted? As in needing to hunt them down and let them know that we are not happy with them.

  2. Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey....GOODBYE!!!

    Great piece! I was going to do something similar, but decided to start open season on Murtha's career.

  3. If you're gonig to vote like that, follow Specter to the other side! P*ss on the whole lot of them!

  4. You need to make these into "wanted dead or alive" posters like from the late 19th/early 20th centuries.

  5. "Mark Kirk, Illinois (202)225-4385
    Running for Senate, over my dead body."

    Maybe not over your dead body, but since it's Illinois, he may very well get a senate seat from the votes of some dead bodies!

  6. Thank you LCR for posting the names of the wretched lot of them! I will keep a copy of this list because of what the @#$%&$# did to our country. I heard Levin's show last night when the tyrants won the vote, they CHEERED! I sure am glad I wasn't there, because I'd need a lawyer right now.

  7. Way to go, LCR. You are not losing steam for one minute. Great plan to run them out of town.

  8. Great post! If, God forbid, this thing passes the senate we'll have to keep reminding people what happened and who voted. Having this list will be critical to jog the voter's notoriously short memories.

  9. I refuse to work against Chris Smith who is arguably the biggest defender of the Right to Life ever to enter the halls of Congress.......but the rest I can do without.

  10. Cool. I'm linking to this post (re: stealing your awesome idea to get the word out!) Keep up the great blog!

  11. Jan - It is our equivalent!

    Blackandgold - exactly

    inno - my sentiments exactly

    Andrew - I wish I had graphic art skills, I would do that

    Jingoist - I saw that on Cspan, my stomach turned, I wouldn't need a lawyer, I would have already turned myself in!

    Opus - Thanks! I'm doing my best here, this list was a pain...

    Tommi - thanks, I don't think it will but we will have to do our best

    Lisa - Smith voted for this! I understand your priority and respect that though. Keep up the great work on your site too. I commend you!

    Red - Thanks, I sent this list to HotAir, Malking Stacy McCain, Moonbattery, Libertarian Repub, TrackaKrat, RightKlik, RightWingnews and a few others, I hope they pick it up,pass it along and thanks for the link!

  12. carl - I missed you, you are right, perhaps I should remove that! You never know how many bodies will pile up before he runs...

  13. I have a guy who will do graphics on the cost me $10 to have the ACORN spider web done. If you want a wanted poster let me. Rinos each and every one.

    You did a great job. All I got from other people was the list. Now I really know who they are.

    3 out of 4 reps from Kansas voted no. We get some of our electricity from coal fired plants with a new in the process of being built. Much of our electricity comes from rural coops....and the electricity tends to be more expensive compared to Westar.

    The 4th rep is a Demo who I believe will be done for next year. His constituents will be working hard against him. It is so nice to live in a largely conservative states.

  14. Do you mind if I cross post it at msplaceddemocrat? Let me know. Once more it was an excellent piece.

  15. John McCain was not the best candidate but he had at least one good idea. Let's make these 8 famous, or imfamous if you prefer. They should be counted along with the three that voted for the stimulus in the Senate as traitors to the conservative cause. I will not rest until we have rid the Republican party of these RHINO's.

  16. Great post!

    Liberals don’t care what party they belong. All that matters is getting elected and getting a payoff! Why don’t those damn yankee RINOs move their happy ass on up to Canada and fleece them? What a patriotic sacrifice for America that would be.


  17. Huh, take notice they all come from very liberal states,New Jersy,California,Delaware,Illinois,and New York.

    Can we say this come as surprise to many of us,I know that it doesn't surprise me one single bit.

    Nonetheless,these republican,if you can call them that, should have a Scarlet Letter place upon them.

  18. Incredible. I have one of the more liberal republican senators, John Cornyn. I have that fight coming up this week.

  19. LCR - I have template of letter that we need to get busy on sending. We need to pressure the national party and the nrcc to cut of funds to these people. I used some of the above info in the letter. I hope you don't mind!! Please mail them. I am going to hand deliver copies to the cap & tax 8. We need to flood the offices with letters so they know we are serious.

  20. Three of these fools are from my state NJ. I have actually met Smith and Lance on several occasions. The next time I run into either one, I am calling them out right to their face.

  21. MsplacedDem (navyT) - That would be awesome if you did that, I will totall run the posters here and even spread them all over the internet. Let's do it! Let's get rid of these folks, next stop, stopping this thing in the Senate.

    Silent Maj - I agree!

    DennyCrane - Thanks, and you are right of course, feel free to post this on your site and link back!

    Conservative Scal - I know, a lot of them are lawyers too, why the 'R'?

    Blue - Keep it up man, fight the good fight!

    Cons girl - Keep me posted and I'll help!

    Clifton - Sorry to hear that, this means that you are disproportionately responsible for this mess :). Call them out man!

  22. LCR?
    I am new to your site and came over because MsPlacedDem is a good friend. Thank you for this excellent and concise post. I am respectfully requesting to be added to your blogroll and for you to send this link to everyone you know. It explains why our non-representative representatives think we are stupid...and I guess we are because we have not been paying attention to the rather "dry" bills. Over $3 Million for each US reps' office? How many small businesses you know have a $3 million budget?

    Many Mahalos in Advance!
    DiamondTiger aka Logistics Monster

  23. If you guys are looking to cleanse your palates, I have some great videos of Michele Bachman defeding capitalism, here:

    Michele Bachmann:

    Michele Bachmann and Marsha Blackburn:

  24. Logistics - Thank you! I will link and add that article on Monday and tie it in with my peiece. I hadn't even heard of HR2918, unreal. You are now on my blogroll too. BTW, I love Kona, I was there last year for 3 weeks. Defnitely Obamanation territory though.

  25. winteryknight - thanks for the links, I was going to do a writeup on her monday, I'm going to use these videos, she's the best!

  26. New to your site--great information....
    I am going to swipe this post-and give you credit...of course...and take it to a CA Tea Party...If you don't mind....

  27. LCR? Thanks for the link up. Kona = Obamanation? Have you seen my latest post about MY city councilman sending a letter to Bambi asking for the Gitmo detainees to be sent here to the Big Island?

    I need to get off this island!

  28. Christian Soldier - Thanks, hope to see you here more!

    Logistics - I did read that post, it seems that Hawaii is even loonier than where I live. I sensed that while visiting. Beautiful place but terrible bueracracy and liberal mentality.

  29. My wife and I are marching on DC on the 4th of July. It's BIG.

    March for Liberty in Washington DC
    Saturday, July 4, 2009
    9:30 am - 2:30 pm
    Upper Senate Park
    Washington, DC

    Come join us!

  30. I completely stole your post. Just copy and pasted to my blog. I linked the title back here though and give you full credit. I just wanted to spread this out to my readers as well. We need to destroy these RHINO's and replace them with representatives that still understand what that word means.

  31. Hi Tim: This is a WONDERFUL in-depth post. I put the link in my blog, and also RT on Twitter and made it a fav!

    Keep up your wonderful work, a true Patriot, you are, and I'm happy to know you.

  32. Jing - I am jeaslous,I wish that I could afford flying to that event, for now I am stuck here. I salute your patriotism

    ConsLady - Thanks, spread the word!

    Silent M - No problem, that's what I put it up for, it's all over Twitter too so the word is getting around!

    Bunni - Thank you, same to you!

  33. Did you see they are protesting Mark Kirk's office in Northbrook, IL. They have until July 2 to change their votes. Keep calling.

  34. Bungalow Bill - Really? I'm on it...

  35. You can also e-mail the 8 traitors. I've included info on how to bypass their zip code filters:

  36. someone also needs to post a list for democrats?

    what this BOILS down to is people on eather side of the isle are for ONLY two things?

    right now most americans NEED to work 4 months for taxes,fed.state,local level

    when will it be 6 MONTHS? or 7 MONTHS?

    4rth of july and people with be STILL working for taxes

    cap and tax? we will be still sending $700 BILLION over seas? 4 day work weeks will take 20% of that amount or around $200 BILLION away from those that do not like us very much,and thats just 1 day a week X 52 weeks

    when does congress join in the HURT
    they collect $500 per day 7 days a week 52 weeks a year even when the session only is 100 days long?

    who wants $500 a day for 265 days of vacation?

  37. how many dem. senators are up for re election ?

    vow for people in those states VOTE them OUT if they vote yes on cap and scam

    republicans or dems that can work in congress with one thing on there mind

    lets not work more for taxes(around 4 months now)

    lets work less

    4 day work weeks will save far more Co2 than any tax will

  38. July 2nd date 2 change vote under House rules expires.cap & scam voted on epa email withheld? any 1 chang there vote ? U REPORT RT

    call even others that voted for this scam?

    tell them you will do ALL to get the guy voted out


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