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Why there is hope, even amidst the circus freak-show that is Washington. Why there is promise amidst a Statist march threatening to tear our county apart at the seams. Never say die even amidst the most incredible point in our Republic's history - a collective shredding of the Constitution. A Left Coast Rebel reader with his own blog. A voracious reader of history, more of an expert on conservativism and the Constitution than I at half my age. He is 17. There is hope. Young American writes the Left Coast Rebel regarding the Tax and Cap fiasco, I have edited and added pictures for impact.

Young American -

What else can one tell Washington that (gasp!) we may actually enjoy these creature comforts and that any action against our system is so inherently at odds with what we actually need, what we want and what we strive for - frustration cannot begin to describe it?

Mary Bono Mack, this is to you.

I enjoy the Freedom to Choose, not the freedom to choose two products in which the government helped raise the price of one but lowered the price of another. I enjoy the Freedom to Choose products created without intervention by a system that respects the inherent value of a object; not its inherent political capital. While the ability to put the wider morality of honest value upon an object far exceeds the ability of the Beltway - it is not an excuse for anyone to humble themselves to this hostage taking. For to be taken by this act of indecency is to be taken by one institution that neither cares, nor wants to care, for the true feelings of the country it supposedly represents.

This isn't some flash in the pan cynicism or resentment, I'm not declaring ‘cap and trade’ broke the system or made it more morally, financially and mentally broke. One bill does not create a broken system. What I am saying is that for a bill like this to not only be laughed out of the halls of power but actively promoted requires thinking that this is a broken system and has created a broken system in our country. The thought that the America populace enjoys less liberty, in exchange for a little security is astoundingly, translucently, shallow. It is a bill made for one group, by one group to help one group - the one group being an eco-fanatic lobby and power hungry politicians.

This isn't about the environment, it never has been - if the government was concerned about the environment, it'd be the greenest most energy efficient enterprise in the whole world. Considering it hemorrhages megawatts like it hemorrhages billion dollar notes I can only summarize that this is nothing else then, succinctly, more control.

The politics of pull is now, the politics of value is over. The belief that American industry is anything more then the best means to improve the most amount of people's lives, at the least amount of expense is over. It has been over but too many people have not noticed the heart has ceased beating, the brain is only sending out random static instead of orders. Industry is now about enriching the top few elite, who control all the rules and all the money, at the expense of the people foolish enough to believe that when they create something - it is their's. This bill is more then about some sort of concern for cheap energy, if such a thing exists, it is a bill that should be the concern of cheap liberty. Do we honestly expect that these government appointed allotments of carbon are somehow going to be used fairly?

Ha ha ha ha ha.

That’s me laughing darkly, by the way.

The people who made up these laws and who will apply them are me, they are you and they are all of us. They are no greater or weaker then the greatest or weakest among us. Yet we are content to throw ourselves at their feet in an orgy of self-sacrifice. Blatantly paving the road, on that is easy and smooth and inoffensive, down to hell? Good intentions never meant anything - it means nothing today and since the only single redeeming quality in this bill is good intention - I will always be against it.

Visit his blog I'm Always Right and support him. be prepared to put on your 'thinking cap' as his pieces have nothing to do with the typical blogosphere fluff. They are essays. I'm lucky enough to meet up-and-coming stars for liberty, brief interaction with him supports that he is one. Send this to folks in the conservative press, it reminds me of some of the letters that Glenn Beck has read recently......


  1. Great post. Proof that there is hope in the younger generations. I consider myself young though nearly twice his age and the economic burden being placed on Gen Xers is out of control. I can't believe what the Millenials will have to endure.

  2. Perhaps one day he will run for office?

  3. Awesome post!! The way Democrats are saying this cap and trade Bill will help the environment is a hoax. This is purely a bill that will raise higher taxes on the consumer, in pretty much every way possible. We need to stop this bill from passing the Senate. With conservatives working together to stop cap & trade, I believe that YES WE CAN stop this bill from passing the Senate. We need to vote out of office those eight Republicans who abandoned both our conservative cause and beliefs.

  4. Awesome post. Thank you for bringing this young man to my attention. How many years til he can run for office? 8?

    It is nice to know that some of our young people really do believe in what we as a nation are supposed to be.

  5. Was this kid a product of PUBLIC education? Not only would there be hope, but the Catholic Church can deem him a miricle. Showing that a child has more sense than most of the voters it seems and definately all the politicians.

  6. Hey LCR. you have an award on my blog if you are into them.

  7. Conservative Gen - I know what you mean Sean there is still hope to turn this thing back.

    Ananda - I hope so!

    Teresa - It is a hoax, we have a big fight this week coming up too

    Spinster - Several years to go, I agree

    Madmath - There is always hope my friend, this young man proves that.

    Fuzzy - Yes

    Simplex - I'll check that out!

  8. Very good post,and proof yet that there is hope in the next generation of young Americans. Thanks for sharing this.

  9. Sorry I didn't post before Left Coast Rebel but I was off at the beach! I am so happy to see that I have a very knowledgeable and - dare I say it - famous promoter: you.

    I was trying to read through some of my English AP summer work and found it almost unbearable the (liberal/statist) slant which I was faced. Yet to know that such slanting faces criticism not only from me (some eccentric, crazy Free Market type) but also you, your readers and the wider right blogosphere is heartening on just so many levels. It's just hard to get across with text.

    Just know - it's greatly appreciated.

    Also, like the new layout; not as aesthetically pleasing but undoubtedly the content has remained, thankfully, true.


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