Activist Caps, Turncoat 8, Cap and Tax Update

Reader Bungalow Bill sent me a note today pointing to a nice little protest, (@ right), against the Illinois GOP congressman Mark Kirk, (left), that voted Yea on the Cap and Tax fiasco. I read some details here and there seemed to be a nice sized crowd, great job guys! In other news, The Hill here has an article up that points to Minority Leader Boehner's comment on the Cap and Tax bill and his mini-filibuster where he read parts of the 3 am 300 page amendment.

Boehner - "Hey, people deserve to know what's in this pile of sh#t."
Well said sir. I would add to this that -
'Hey, people need to know what is in this media-sponsored MJ death-obsessed silent press-passage, greatest tax-increase no one has heard of, transformative USA to USSA, steaming, maggot-ridden, fly-buzzing heaping, 1000 serving pile of s@#$." Good for Boehner, I bless thee.
Watch the video below if you can stomach it. What better silver-tongued used car-salesman for California and the Energy Tax Scheme thrust upon the entire nation? He is serious, really, He is. He wants you - America to follow our lead here in the Once-Golden State. And the Cap and Tax bill will do this. Knowing firsthand the socialist nightmare that Californian has become due to this mentality and type of legislation, I am warning you! Without even knowing it, so is He.

And back to the issue of the Cap and Tax bill itself. It seems that the votes of the Turncoat 8 can be turned around under some little-known parliamentary procedures here. The gist being that massive pressure applied to the Turncoat 8 could yield an unexpected result and still defeat the bill by rescinded votes with a June 2 deadline, who knows? Hit the lines, burn 'em up, let's do some Shock and Awe democracy action. Without further ado, the one, the only......Turn Coat 8 -
Chris Smith, New Jersey (202) 225-3765
Avidly anti abortion, voted in office in the early 1980s. Liberal to moderate on economic issues. Has voted consistently with Democrats since the House regained Democrat control on economic issues. I see here that he won reelection in 2008 66% to his Dem opponent 39%. 27 out of ten rating at Club for Growth. Up for reelection in 2010. Put on your activist caps, call his office, stop his reelection. Has strong Union voting record, NAACP, AFL-CIO, ACLU, Teamsters, here. Apparently very liberal, why the 'R'? Smoke him out. Great article here on why he is not remotely a free-market guy. Voting for the biggest tax increase in history, without reading the bill is not 'moderate', make this known. Make him feel the sting of unemployment like the rest of the country will from this nightmare bill. In the middle of a massive recession....

Dave Reichert, Washington (202) 225-7761
56 out of 100 at American Conservative Union here. Also affiliated with the AFL-CIO, Teamsters, ACLU, etc here. Won GOP nomination with 45% primary vote in 2004, won reelection in 2008 51% to 48%. Facing reelection in 2010, burn the phone lines. Make him go away. I'm reading that he is considered a 'moderate'. Again, voting for the biggest tax increase ever and not reading the bill is not moderate. It is Statist. Bye-bye.

Mary Bono Mack (CA) (202) 225-5330
In 2008 she was elected with 58% against her Dem rival. She assumed office in 1998 when Sonny Bono died. Married to staunch economic conservative Rep Connie Mack IV. I would hate to hear the dinner-table arguments between these two after her vote. Connie Mack voted nay. 74 rating from ACU here Ties to liberal groups too here. She was, at one point on the fence with Cap and Tax, all of her lines were busy yesterday. Which one of the Chicago thugs twisted her arm for a Yea vote? Axelrod? Emmanuel? Vote her out, call her office, bother her up to her primary. Let her go home and stay there in 2010.

Mike Castle, Deleware (202) 225-4165
Very liberal, had requested and received $82 million in pork in 2008 alone. I wonder where the bridge will be built in Delaware to reward his yes vote? 28 of 100 at the ACU. Bye-bye RINO. Call his office, call it every day. Tell them that it is not responsible to mortgage our future. It is certainly not Republican. Or is it? You make it happen. Attorney and politician. Send him back to his day job, his antics will be well received in the law community. They aren't in the GOP. Suffered two strokes during his 2006 campaign. Won over Dem rival by 23% points. Call his office above. Shock and awe. Inundate. He's fired in 2010.

Mark Kirk, Illinois (202)225-4385
Running for Senate, don't let it happen. Elected in 2001. Served in the Clinton Administration. Career pol and attorney. See a trend? Defeated Dem rival in 2008 by 8% points. 48 out of 100 at ACU. Porky $67 million for 2008. This is a big one folks. Running possibly for the Senate seat 2010 in Illinois. I don't think so. Hit his office daily. Pester, persecute (civically), bombard - shock and awe.
John McHugh, New York (202) 225-4611
Insurance Broker, government worker. Shocker. Voted for Stimulus, Bailouts, etc. Nominated for Army Secretary, if confirmed will vacate his seat. Read between the lines. Coming aboard the SS Obamanation, this must have been his last 'F' 'U' to the GOP. Moot point on harassing him since he is leaving. Or is it? Burn up the lines! Wipe that smirk off your face, you are shameful to your country.

Frank Lobiondo New Jersey (202) 225-6572

Who is this guy? "Hey, uh, yah....I' gonna breaka yuh kneecaps...." This guy is a republican? Wasn't he on the Sopranos? Are you kidding me? Elected in 1994, former trucking executive with small business roots. What happened? Against gay marriage, abortion, affirmative action. Part of Gingrich's Contract With America. What happened? At one point he had strong economic conservative leanings. 52 of 100 from ACLU. Flush him out, he's the worst kind of pol, a turncoat that at one point was a Reagan conservative but the Washington culture has it's way with people......Melt the lines at his office, adios in 2010.

Leonard Lance, New Jersey (202) 225-5361
See the look on his face, he looks like a badly-aged Cabbage-Patch doll. Born into a political family. In 2008 he ran on a platform of fiscal conservatism, moderate social values, and environmentalism. Really? It's fiscally conservative to vote for the biggest tax increase ever and not read the bill? We'll see you at the poor-house with your constituents. Won his seat in 2008 51% to 41% but had a tougher fight in the primary. That's where he is vulnerable. I can't even find a cause for his support for the Cap and Tax bill, porky goodies perhaps? Well, he will have a short-lived congressional term. Out in 2010. Burn his office line.


  1. My post was featured on another blog called the Capital Fax Blog. They had a whole article about conservatives who are a little bit more than upset at Represenative Mark Kirk. Apparently the internet has been lit up with anger caused by Kirk and the other disgraceful seven.

  2. We crashed the switchboard once. Time to do it again!

  3. Bill - That's great man, we are making a difference!

    blackandgold - Let's do it!

  4. I hope that you all will join me in my letter writing campaign. We need to cut off party funds for re-election to these people. The template is on my blog

    I am a donor to the RNC and if you are not just re-word that section.

  5. consgirl - I will, remind me tomorrow if I need it :), I'm all over the place right now! Too much socialism, not enough time for activism. I am saddened to say that in my early youth I was a huge RNC supporter, even sent money. I eventually did retract my membership - it was mostly due to the terrible treatment that the GOP elite gave Pat Buchannan back in the day when he was running against Dole. That was when I started to become much more independent. Mind you I love my GOP roots and support the right people - real conservatitves! Thanks!

  6. You're right - I could hardly stomach that video. Is he serious? We should follow California's lead?! The same state that is writing IOUs to its constituents?! Yeah, good example there. That state is floundering.

  7. goddess - it is floundering at best, I still think that they will find a way to bail us out here, you guys better put a stop to that!

  8. Are all of you going to the big tea party on 9/12 in D.C. If it as big as the number registering, there will be no way we will be ignore. KOOK and I are planing to meet up, there.

  9. I got into politics at a very young age because my parents were fundraisers fro Ronald Reagan and Jeb Bush. Now I have converted them to independents. Actually the Republicans helped me a great deal in doing so.

  10. LCR, you can see a very good clear pic of KEE if you click in my pic on your followers, 3rd row down, far left.

  11. Andrew - KEE is awewome, as I said before, I am jealous. Maybe one day when my life is normal I will be able to have one like her too. I will use your help! I'm off to rest, good night all!

  12. Andrew33 I live outside of dc. Would love to meet up if you guys if you like. We are doing some of the grunt work at the event, but would love to get some pictures for the blog.

  13. I lived in Ricmond for several years. I'd love for you to join us, and I'd love for you to comment or join on our blog., (Kooks blog), I am co-contributor. I like your comments. they are always well said and intelligent.

  14. LCR, I hope one day you get the opportunity to share your life with an animal like Keemo. She has touched the hearts of everyone she comes in contact with. She has also left me permanent scars just from playing rough with her. These cats love to play rough and the scars are well worth it.

    LCR I remind you, and anyone else reading this to go check out C-Gen's climate post that I spent all weekend collaborating with him on. He did an impressive job and deserves our support.

  15. It's amazing how Obama thinks the way he does. I mean really, the guy is suppose to be so smart, but CALIFORNIA?!? Really!? How is anyone suppose to look at California right now and think, "Gee, that is some good policy we should follow." UNBELIEVABLE....

  16. When I play sim city 4, the very first thing I do as mayor is increase the taxes of dirty industry to the maximum 20%. In the long run those industries make a real huge mess and cleaning it up in the game literally takes a decade. Now my inustrial sector takes a longer time to develop, so to compensate I offer tax breaks to middle commerical zones to encourage private business growth, earning some serious coin in the beginning of the game. This, in conjunction with a developed light an dmedium insutrial sector boosts demand for high tech industrials (especially after building a solar power plant). It works like a charm, over time I phase out the coal fired power plants, enact a clean air legislation, and bring in solar and wind power. The result is a super energy efficient city that costs a bunch upfront, but makes a boat load of money each month.

    Why amd I bringing up video games... well the cap and *trade* =) debate is 20 years old and began with the issue of acid rain. The EPA got better standard to deal with pollution, but lost the cap and trade provision. And if I had to vote on C&T in 1989, I'd adamantly vote against it because there was a lack of sufficient energy saving technologies availabe at the time.

    However, in 2009, the case is wholly different. In reality, taking the country as a whole, far fewer industries would be subject to C&T penalties than you'd think, and in fact, could very well benefit from C&T. However, for the last 20 years since the debate began, the heaviest polluters did nothing more than they were forced to do by law to increase their standards. Save maybe FedEx who uses a solar powered plant and sees a huge savings as a result... =) But it is the nature of big business to put profit first. That's fine, except I don't want to breathe dirty air. So if it takes super tough regulations to stop giving the citizens of neighboring polluting plants a higher risk for cancer, I'm all for it.

  17. LCR, in your previous post, that "nameless cycnic" liberal tried to engage me on climate change. Check it out. I put the Yoda on him

  18. Do it like here in California? I wonder if he remembered 2002 when we had the nickname "The land without lights"? Ours are flat because energy here is so freakin expensive, many us have to suffer. Who can afford to drive here? Gas prices, electric rates. We conserved out of economic necessity. There's one more element that he's not factoring: heating oil. As most growth have been happening in the Midwest, the comsuption of heating oil skyrocketed and that caused the numbers to look better for California. The other factor that he's not using is we're a 3rd world country in California. We have so many illegals and they live 10 to 12 in a one bedroom with so many family members not using, that would make you have a larger population with less energy used. Also note what wasn't mentioned. California's production has nose dived. We used to have the 8th largest economy in the world. Now it's 14th and Texas passed us up and we're still falling. At the rate we're going, we're going to have the highest unemployment rate in the country in a couple of months as it's already 13% here with some counties (mainly inhabited by illegals) are over 30%. We have one near LA county that's already at 63%. That's not a typo. Sure, if he makes the rest of the country like California, I'm heading to a real first world country til this nightmare is over.

  19. Drain the swamp the whole swamp of these useless politicians.

  20. Scalawag : They are MORE than Useless. They are leeches, and malaria infested mosquitos spreading filth and disease everywhere they go. We need DDT! Bloodsucking scum!

    Madmath1: If you live in a fantasyworld of your own design all of california looks like liberal utopia. I lived there it sucks!

    Andrew33: The force is strong in you.

    The Law: Are you on drugs? Seriously, dude, simcity is a simulation based on some other idiots idea of what will work which further empasizes my point to Madmath1: IT IS A GAME! It is not real! put down the game controller and start reading something! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD is this what we are up against?

  21. The Cap and Tax 8 really need to be retired by the voters. Keep up the pressure because we have RINO's in the Senate as well. We must stop this insanity.

  22. After Hurricane Ivan, I spent a month and a half without electricity. It gave me a real insight into what life was like before all the amenities we have today. Cars were unusable because of debris in the roads. People didn't have roofs over their heads because their roofs were in other folks yards and on top of that, we had no phones and we were under martial law. Is it me or does hurricane aftermath sound alot like the liberal utopia that the communists are trying to sell us on?

  23. "I'm all over the place right now! Too much socialism, not enough time for activism. I am saddened to say that in my early youth I was a huge RNC supporter, even sent money. I eventually did retract my membership - it was mostly due to the terrible treatment that the GOP elite gave Pat Buchannan back in the day when he was running against Dole. That was when I started to become much more independent. Mind you I love my GOP roots and support the right people - real conservatitves! Thanks!"....

    The GOP was in a similar state in 76-79 as Jimmy "the peanut farmer" Carter wandered aimlessly in the wilderness, ruined the economy, and let a chance to fix Iran go.Then Reagan came along and united a severely fractured party with a vision. Now the GOP is in a similar position. WE also have the one like Reagan who ran for V.P. who I believe has what it takes to reassemble Reagans "conservative coalition." It is a great hope of mine that alot of new Repubs get elelcted in 2010. I don't just want the Dems to get swept out, but the Repub party needs a pruning of the old dead wood too. That would be a great setup going into 2012.

  24. It would be some small consolation if the disaster Omaba is creating ends up ushering in a new wave of fiscal conservatives, especially if we can get someone in 2012 running the country who can break the partisan segregation Obama is fostering, and really unify the people, instead of just ramming through partisan agenda items while ignoring everyone else's opinions and ideas. I don't think Palin is that person, though; although I like her "direct, down-to-earth" persona and approach, her views are just too polarizing on the other side. She would be just as fractious as Obama is, and that's not what the country needs (in my opinion).

    Unfortunately, what the country probably needs is a social liberal and fiscally conservative leader, and that's pretty impossible with the current two-party "closed" system, which makes the people choose between two extremes. I think no matter what happens, we'll end up having to choose the lesser of two evils, again, and we can just hope that nether side has a strong majority.

  25. Nick, if you go back to the mid 70's, the Republicans were in the same shape that they are now. Then a small time Hollywood Actor came along and got things going. We are in between 2 points in American history that we could compare to now politically. the first one is by far the safer, and it is mid '70s. Carter was President, Dems had huge majorities in both houses of Congress and taxing and spending was the Agenda.

    The 2nd and much scarier scenario is the 1854 scenario. I found this online that puts this into words better than I ever could:
    "As the 1850's progressed, the nation's politicians increasingly were becoming divided more along geographical lines than party lines. The two major U.S. political parties were the Democratic party and the Whig party, both of which had Southern and Northern factions. The issues of slavery and the expansion of slavery into new territories and states were causing the national parties to crumble and break into many splinter groups. Politicians who supported the party line would find themselves not being re-elected; those who split with party policy were losing their influence in the party. New parties such as the People's party, the American "Know-Nothing" party, the Free-Soil party, and others were springing up around the country in an effort to unite disillusioned Whigs and Democrats.

    It was in February 1854, at a political rally in Ripon, Wis., that the label "Republican" was first decided upon by a small group supporting an antislavery position. The Republican party rapidly absorbed other splinter parties under the platform of the nonexpansion of slavery, a strong central government, high tariffs, federally funded internal improvements, and other measures repugnant to Southerners. The area of the country from which the Republican party drew its support was the most densely populated and industrializes; it had most of the railroads and controlled much of the country's commerce. The Republicans were capable of making an immediate impact in national elections.

    In the presidential election of 1856, the Republican party, labeled "Black Republicans" for their stand against slavery, nominated the western explorer John C. Fremont. He received less than 1 percent of the Southern vote; however, he carried 11 Northern states outright. For the first time a purely Northern major political party had positioned itself squarely against the Southern slave power."

    Given how fractured the American people are, I see the 1854 as a real possibility. Look at the map showing how the "Scrap and Raid" vote went and you will see very well why I think this possible. In the spirit of encouraging everyone to think for themselves, I will let you folks look up the geographical facts on the scrap and raid vote on your own. I promise it is worth doing some research on,

  26. Is it any coincidence that 7 of the 8 GOP losers who voted for Cap 'n' Tax are from states that would reap the biggest benefits?

    See it here:

  27. Chad M - California is not a model for the country or anywhere for that matter.

    Andrew - You are a massive source on many topics, thanks for putting up all of this!

    The Law - I disagree with all of your premises. In my worldview, viewing businesses as pawns on a board is not right. Businesses are made up of individuals to provide products to the markeplace. Energy is no different. Providers of energy heat our homes, cities, businesses, supply the life-blood of our society. This debate requires a post in itself! Thanks for reading.

    KOOK - Thanks for commenting back to the readers here, Andrew, you have my permission to do the same.

    Nick - We could hope for such an outcome, this may be worth it if that is the case.

  28. RightKlik - I was just reading that at your site! I might write about that and link back to you.

  29. Thank you LCR, I have often felt the same way about you. You are a great source of both info and readers that come from here to our blog. You share so freely with us so I try to do the same for you. Remember that when I speak here i am not only speaking for myself, but also for KOOK's blog and all our loyal members. KOOK and I have become a team and I think we work well together. One of our stated goals is to get people to think for themselves. I merely try to point your readers in the right directions so that they can learn these topics as I have. I never went to college. I have studied everything you have read from me on my own. I read and think for myself and there is no reason your readers cannot do the same thing. I can say for sure that when you study and learn on your own, the subject you are studying actually becomes alive..where if you are just reading from a textbook it is words on a page.

  30. Andrew - I agree, we are in many ways alike!


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