Obamanation Half-Brother 'Sex-Assailant' - British Authorities

Can you imagine if a Conservative president had an overseas half-brother that was accused by the Brits of attacking a 13 year old girl? Front-page news in every newspaper? Network news circling like rabid hyenas? Talking heads foaming at their collective yappers? Yep, you bet that would be the case but I haven't heard a 'peep' on this story here in the States. Leave it to the British Times newspaper to pull this one up. It seems Samson was refused entry to Britain on grounds of deception. Authorities quickly linked him to a sex attack in Berkshire. Yikes.


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  2. Yes, I've seen this story around the blogs today and all I have to say is that I am NOT surprised.
    He has associated himself with criminals and fools all of his life so why should his brother be any different?

  3. The drive by media here will not run any negative stories about the Obamanations family.

  4. RisR - Not surprised here too, media ignoring this is assumed here

    FD - Nope, only glowing 'fuzzys' will ever be shown


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