Game of Thrones, 2020 Democrat Primary Edition Part III

Final casting for Game of Thrones, the 2020 Democrat Primary Edition. If your favorite candidate was not cast, they'll be a pity party at either Alyssa Milano's or Bette Midler's house. Location & time TBD.

Cory Booker as Grey Worm


Pete Buttigieg as Little Finger, because, honestly, would you trust that guy?


Reluctant candidate Hillary Clinton, as the Mad Queen Daenarys, because... that ain't hot sauce!

Maxine Waters as the Crazy Moon Door Lady Pretty self explanatory!


And last, but not least Rashida Tlaib as the Wicked Witch of the Dothraki

Despite a supporting cast of thousands (of your tax dollars),expect a second season of the red hot show, Trumpapalooza, still selling out stadiums with SRO.

Game of Thrones, 2020 Democrat Primary Edition Part II

Many people were deeply saddened by the end of the epic series Game of Thrones. Many more are bored out of their skulls by the endless parade of Democrat candidates for president in 2020. In a stroke of brilliant programming, the DNC has decided to combine the two! Coming soon as a Netflix production:  Game of Thrones, the 2020 Democrat Primary Edition!

Casting is progressing nicely among the progressives lined up for Game of Thrones, 2020 Democrat Primary Edition. Confirmed cast members so far...

Bill De Blasio as Theon Greyjoy, who doesn't exactly have what it takes to be the Father of His Country, if you get my drift!


Bernie Sanders as the High Sparrow, because from the looks of him, no one is higher in his party!

Eric Swalwell as Hodor, because he's pretty much a one note kind of guy!

Amy Klobuchar as the Shame Lady

Elizabeth Warren as the Red Woman without her necklace

That's all for now! Tune in again tomorrow, same batty time, same batty channel!