Motives and Whistleblowers

By Grant Davies

Recently there have been two cases of people blowing the whistle on the US government for wrongdoing. Both cases exposed significant violations of the public trust, not to mention the rights of the citizens.

Both people who exposed the wrongdoing deserve credit for helping the American people. All the citizens are better off knowing what is really going on and how the government deceived them.

One, Edward Snowden, seems to have had the intention of doing so for what he thought of as his duty as an American. The other, Jonathan Gruber, seems to have done so inadvertently and for all the wrong reasons, even if those reasons are not very clear to me. I could speculate about what motivated him, but I'm not sure that would be helpful or enlightening. When it comes to whistleblowing, I'm also not sure motives matter.

Meanwhile, in both cases the government is scrambling to respond. Below is a video that shows some of what the response to the Gruber truth telling has been.

Mr. President: There is No 'Shot Clock' in the Constitution

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President Obama and his sycophantic supporters have made the argument ad nauseum, that since the House failed to pass a certain Senate bill, within a certain amount of time, that President Obama was free to act on his own to unilaterally "fix" the immigration problem. Conservatives, however, keep bringing this "Constitution" thingy into the argument.

Where in the Constitution does it say that any particular piece of legislation passed in the Senate must be voted on in the House within a certain amount of time, or the President gets a free pass to write his own legislation? Moreover, all the faux indignation and self righteous intonation of "two whole years", "seventeen months*", or "514 days", since the Senate passed an immigration bill, completely overlooks the fact that the House did pass a number of immigration reform bills which Senator Harry Reid (Dimbulb- Searchlight) refused to bring up for a vote in the US Senate. The fact that your opponents will not necessarily vote on a bill they disagree with,  also does not give you carte blanche to do whatever you please.

Even though there is no "shot clock", "pass them or else" time limit on Senate bills, you'd think that sooner or later, the US Senate might get around to actually passing a budget.

Ten Buck Friday Rides Again

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Ten Buck Friday was a success in seeing a majority of Republicans elected to the Senate and Harry Reid being relegated back to the Recycling Bin of History.

But there is one Senate race still undecided in Louisiana and that's our man Bill Cassidy against Mary "I live in Washington, D.C. but I list my residence as my parents' basement in LA so I can vote here" Landrieu.

A runoff means more campaigning, more advertising and more expenses. While it is true that the DSCC has officially withdrawn their ad buys for their dubious candidate, I'm sure there will be a host of surrogates trying to raise money for poor Mary, so she doesn't have to go out and get a real job. (And maybe really move in with her parents this time!)

Time's Person of the Year?

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Well, he has gone from obscurity to You Tube phenomenon in record time. He's quoted by politicians of both major political parties and his name has become a verb overnight: Jonathan Gruber, Mr. Transparency is our choice for Time's Person of the Year award.

What if Obama Had Been President During the Civil Rights Movement?

Statement by President Barack Obama on Attack in Selma, AL

Source: WH, 11-18-1962

I strongly condemn today’s terrorist attack, the burning of a black church in Selma, which killed four innocent people, and injured several more. There is and can be no justification for such attacks against innocent civilians. The thoughts and prayers of the American people are with the victims and families of all those who were killed and injured in this horrific attack and in other recent violence. At this sensitive moment in Selma, it is all the more important for blacks and Klan leaders and ordinary citizens to work cooperatively together to lower tensions, reject violence, and seek a path forward towards peace.
Fortunately, our leaders back then did not suffer under a sense of false moral equivalency.

Dispatches From the eXtra Loony Left

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Barbara Boxer...Bless her heart!
“What does XL stand for? To me it stands for extra lethal,”
-Sen. Barbara Boxer (Dim Bulb-Calif.) Barbara Boxer shows the same grasp of current events that she did in balancing her checkbook in the '90s.

She took to the Senate floor today to warn all of us stupid (implied, thank you, Professor Gruber!) people of the potentially fatal dangers of Keystone XL. One small problem with that. Keystone XL is an extension of the original Keystone pipeline that was built in 2009. (See: A Tale of Two Pipelines ) If the extension is "extra lethal", perhaps she would be so kind as to list all the fatalities caused by the original, still functioning pipeline?

Don't you think if there had been any problem at all with the original Keystone pipeline, that this information wouldn't be front and center in any discussions from Keystone XL's opponents?

In fact, the pipeline is safer for human life by reducing the possibilities of disastrous oil train wrecks and removes a multitude of oil tankers from the highways of this country, lowering the odds for highway fatalities or accidents which could cause contamination. There is even a net reduction of pollution, as a pipeline moves oil through the pipeline at lower energy costs than for trucks, trains or tankers.

We cannot, however, discount the possibility that Barbara Bouncer is one of the "stupid voters" that Professor Gruber refers to. He would know...