Feigned Hysteria Over Keystone Pipeline Leak

A lot of people are hyperventilating over a recent oil spill in the original Keystone pipeline, authorized under the George W. Bush administration and completed in June 2010, under our Temp Agency President's term. In what I presume to be the first major leak in over seven years, 210,000 gallons of oil was spilled. For comparison, that's about six DOT-111 rail cars.
For all the concerns about spillage into waterways, may I remind you that many rail tracks run parallel to rivers in this country? And contrary to pipelines, which actually have a smaller carbon footprint transporting the oil, trains are given to derailment and are prone to catch fire, sending voluminous clouds of carbon laden smoke into the atmosphere.
I have video from one such derailment below. Unless you are willing to give up all oil based transportation, products made from and transported by petroleum (Hint: everything), then pipelines are the safest, most environmentally friendly means of transporting oil.

And did we happen to mention that no one was killed as a result of the Keystone pipeline leak? Ah, yes, then there's that! The biggest downside is that billionaire Warren Buffet, big Obama contributor, will see less traffic on his railroad, and the price of Bakken crude will drop five to ten dollars a barrel.

Wait! Did I say that was the downside? We report, you decide!

A Common Sense Solution to Illegal Guns

Liberals have been clamoring for some time to have "common sense" gun laws enacted. That sounds reasonable. Then, they proceed to regale us with the need for laws that are already on the books, or impractical ideas that would never work. Never fear! I have a solution.

It's not a new law per se, but something that every liberal who is serious about solving the problem can do. It might cost a few bucks up front, but, as you're always telling us, "If it saves just one life it'll be worth it", so I expect close to 100% participation. (Stop laughing!)

Now to be honest, I am basing this solution based on what hundreds of liberals have told us about the ease of buying a gun. We've been told that it's literally easier to buy a gun than to buy a book. Teen Vogue recently regurgitated liberal talking points reminded us that it's:

* Easier to buy a gun than get a driver's license
(which is a neat trick, since you need to obtain a driver's license to buy a gun, so technically you have to do MORE to buy a gun!)

* Easier to buy a gun than to adopt a pet

* Easier to buy a gun than to get married

* Easier to buy a gun than to get an abortion, and

* Easier to buy a gun than to get an internship or a full time job.

At first, I thought I would challenge liberals to attempt to purchase a legal handgun, to see just how much more difficult it is than they imagine. But then, I thought, what is the liberal going to do with that gun? They don't want it, don't know how to use it or properly store it. In their hands, it could become a hazard. But what if every liberal committed to the elimination of gun violence were to purchase a gun illegally?

Hear me out, this is good! Liberals tell us it is easier to buy an illegal gun than to buy a book, so, why don't they just prove to all us hard-headed, gun-toting conservatives just how easy it is? Here's what you do...go down to wherever you think it is that illegal guns are sold...street corners, back alleys, gun shows...wherever! Take cash. Most criminals probably aren't set up to take MasterCard or Visa. Purchase the gun for cash. You can haggle a little, but remember...