The Democratic Party Morphs Into The Donner Party

By Grant Davies

The Pelosi/Conyers affair (as I have just named it) is the equivalent of a Political Donner party.

As long as your fellow travelers are dead anyway you may as well eat them to save your own skin.

This is what just happened as Pelosi threw her old buddy John Conyers under the pictured bus because the people paying her fare on the bus might stop doing so if she didn't solve the conundrum of being loyal to her cabal or staying politically viable.

She chose to eat Conyers. Wise move.

PS  I couldn't resist delighting in some snarky fun when I came across the picture below even though it's in bad taste. I guess I ain't very PC.

A Game of Three Card Monty

By Grant Davies

Very few would be surprised to learn that I'm not a Trump admirer. Having said that, maybe I don't give him enough credit for political savvy.

His incessant tweets and adolescent behavior may indeed be a grand strategy of perpetual distraction from actual important topics and events. The media sure falls for it like a bunch of rubes watching a three card Monty game.

All politicians try to do this. Some are better at it than others. Trump may be making it into an art form.

I'm not saying it's so, merely that it might be.

Feigned Hysteria Over Keystone Pipeline Leak

A lot of people are hyperventilating over a recent oil spill in the original Keystone pipeline, authorized under the George W. Bush administration and completed in June 2010, under our Temp Agency President's term. In what I presume to be the first major leak in over seven years, 210,000 gallons of oil was spilled. For comparison, that's about six DOT-111 rail cars.
For all the concerns about spillage into waterways, may I remind you that many rail tracks run parallel to rivers in this country? And contrary to pipelines, which actually have a smaller carbon footprint transporting the oil, trains are given to derailment and are prone to catch fire, sending voluminous clouds of carbon laden smoke into the atmosphere.
I have video from one such derailment below. Unless you are willing to give up all oil based transportation, products made from and transported by petroleum (Hint: everything), then pipelines are the safest, most environmentally friendly means of transporting oil.

And did we happen to mention that no one was killed as a result of the Keystone pipeline leak? Ah, yes, then there's that! The biggest downside is that billionaire Warren Buffet, big Obama contributor, will see less traffic on his railroad, and the price of Bakken crude will drop five to ten dollars a barrel.

Wait! Did I say that was the downside? We report, you decide!