Bernie is Furious

By Grant Davies

When commenting on a Face Book thread describing how Hillary gets more delegates after having her fat ass handed to her in New Hampshire by Bernie the Socialist, a person pointed out the irony.

He said, "Bernie must be furious that a small group of people could take something he rightfully earned and redistribute it to somebody else that they feel deserves it more, even though that person didn't rightfully earn it."

Perfect! Just effen perfect!

Nary a Fare Thee Well, Too

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Original art by John Cox. More at John Cox Art

Happy Buy Day!

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Today's the day! First chance this week to get out of the house and buy some Doritos! I have several stops to make and I'm going to buy large quantities of Doritos at every one of them. I expect to be typing with orange, nacho flavored fingers sometime between now and dinner time. 

Operator: 9-1-1, what is your emergency? 
Me: Yes, a madman has broken in and filled my kitchen with bags of Doritos! 
Operator: I'm sorry sir, what is your emergency? 
Me: There's still room in the den!


Feminists are Progressively More Deranged

Remember the movie "Look Who's Talking"? It was centered around a baby in the womb which not only grabbed for Doritos, but spoke English! I don't remember feminists having a cow when that came out in 1989. Feminists have become progressively (pun intended) more deranged since then. 


Buy Doritos, Annoy a Feminist

Feminists could not see the humor in a Doritos lover in utero.

I had not planned on buying any Doritos this week, but if it irritates feminists that much, how can I resist?