"But, Enough About Martin Luther King. What Do You Think About Me?"

Can anyone think of a single holiday, celebrity passing or significant event that Obama did not commemorate with a picture of himself?

Me neither.

Update: I take that back. While Obama was pondering his "gutsy call" on Benghazi, not a single picture can be found!

The Russians, James Comey and the Dog Ate My Homework

Misdirection. We're all familiar with the concept. The stage magician waves a colorful scarf and while you are looking there, the magician plucks a prop from a hidden spot, where it appears as "magic"!

So, all you 'Hillary lost' deniers, can we give it a rest??

There's nothing like liberals in high dudgeon, incredulous that we would allow Russia to interfere in our electoral process! When asked, of course, they have no evidence of any direct link between the Russians and the wikileaks revelations of deceit, misconduct and malicious mischief revealed in the emails of Hillary and her closest friends and advisers.

And don't get them started on FBI director James Comey! First he head fakes them into praising him for not recommending Hillary for prosecution, then he announces he has new information, after promising to inform them of any new information. Horrors!

Imagine if you will, a world in which Secretary of State Hillary Clinton accepts and uses a government email account for 100% of her business related emails, and then turned over 100% of those emails on her last day in office, as was and is required by law. In that world, where there are no private servers and no emails that weren't submitted for public scrutiny four years before the 2016 election, what part is there for Comey to play?

It seems a bit odd that unless Russia somehow directed Hillary not to campaign in Wisconsin, instructed her to drop like a rock at the end of the 9/11 memorial, or convinced her to set up a private server and conduct State business on it, that Russia is in any way culpable in Hillary's loss.

Time to "Move on".

The Horse and the Sports Car: A Parable

An old farmer was stuck in the horse and buggy age. Whenever he wanted to go into town, which really wasn't that far away, he'd have to go out to the barn, hitch his ornery old horse, kicking and biting, to his buckboard, for a bumpy ride into town. Coming back, he'd have to unhitch the animal, with all the unpleasantness that involved, put away the harness and gear, and end the day exhausted. 

One day, the farmer decided he'd had enough, and he bought himself a brand new, shiny red sports car. Now, a trip to town was ten minutes, round trip, and the farmer was exhilarated by the ride. The mean, ornery old horse turned to his stablemates and said, "It was my policies that made this happen!"
Remember this story whenever a horse, or at least, a horse's behind, tries to take credit for something he not only didn't do, but couldn't do.